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What Injuries Can Follow from a Motorcycle Accident?

Tenn-motorcycle-accident-300x236If you’re a New Hampshire motorcyclist, you’re likely aware of just how dangerous and scary a motorcycle accident can be. According to the Insurance Information Institute, even skilled, defensive motorcyclists are at heightened risk of crashes—for several reasons.

They’re open vehicles. They’re smaller and less visible to other motorists on the road. They require a different and more precise mental and physical skill-set than other vehicles. Motorcyclists also tend to exhibit a higher vulnerability to adverse road conditions and poor weather than people in closed vehicles.

New England motorcycle enthusiasts must know exactly what’s at stake. Below, find the information you need about the injuries motorcyclists risk when they get behind the wheel—and how you can work to protect your future if you get into an accident.

Beware These Motorcycle Injuries—and Be Ready to Act Strategically

The most common (and devastating) injuries that can follow from a motorcycle accident include:

Arm and Leg Injuries

Damage sustained by a driver or passenger’s limbs can include bone fractures, lacerations, joint injuries, permanent nerve damage, and even (in extreme scenarios) amputation. While motorists tend to survive these injuries, they will affect the motorist’s quality of life.

Road Rash

If a motorcyclist falls from their vehicle and slides across the pavement after impact, the friction between skin and pavement can result in anything from a simple bruise to severe lacerations across entire layers of skin. Accordingly, this can be a slight injury or a life-changing one that causes high levels of pain and suffering.

Muscle Damage

Trauma across any part of a motorist’s body or a harsh impact can result in muscle damage, leading to paralysis of a fundamental part of a motorist’s (or passenger’s) body. This type of damage can show up immediately after an accident or much later—and tends to result in permanent, debilitating conditions.

Head and Neck Injuries

The most serious potential repercussions of a motorcycle accident, head and neck injuries can result in brain trauma or paralysis. Both of these conditions will impact a victim’s entire life—including their mental faculties, their ability to work, and even their likelihood of survival.

Be Prepared for Aggressive Auto Insurance Companies with Trusted New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

No matter who is responsible for an accident, insurance companies will likely suggest the motorcyclist was at fault. Prevailing stereotypes surrounding motorcyclists paired with a startling lack of knowledge about modern bikes make it easy to assume liability without solid proof.

At Tenn And Tenn, P.A., you’ll find lawyers who understand. Our attorneys know New Hampshire motorcycle laws, are familiar with bikes and how they work, and can leverage this information to help insurance companies and juries alike realize what happened in your accident.

Don’t leave a life-changing payout that could protect your future up to fate. Rely instead on the deep knowledge and expertise of the motorcycle attorneys at Tenn and Tenn, P.A., to help you meet your unique challenges. Call today to set up a free initial consultation.

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