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Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a couple or a family can have. But while getting through it can be a challenge, it’s important to remember why you made this decision. After all, there can be benefits to divorcing someone you didn’t like all that much anymore.

Better Mental and Physical HealthTenn-happy-after-divorce-278x300

Being in a toxic environment is never good for your mental or physical health. Divorce can give you the time and space to take care of yourself, join a gym, and find a therapist. You’ll also sleep better after ending the conflict and getting healthier inside and out. Leaving all that baggage behind can be freeing.

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If you’ve been arrested and charged with DWI, one of the biggest dilemmas you will likely face is whether to tell your employer about it–and if so, what you should say. Are you required to tell your boss about the DWI? Could you lose your job over it? The answers to these questions may depend on your situation and circumstances, so let’s dive a bit deeper.

When Are You Required to Disclose a DWI to Your Employer?Tenn-boss-249x300

To be clear, there is no law on the books that explicitly requires you to report a DWI to your current employer—and in fact, the law places some limits on what an employer may ask about your criminal record. However, there are a few exceptions in which you must disclose a DWI to your boss. For example:

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The coronavirus pandemic has created numerous tense child-rearing issues between divorced parents. With the Covid-19 vaccine now available to children age 12 and up, there’s new potential for conflict. Polls show that American parents are torn as to whether to give their kids the vaccine, and there’s no doubt that some divorced parents fiercely disagree as to the right approach. When both sides maintain that their stance is the best path to keeping kids healthy and safe, who gets to decide?

Who has legal custody?Tenn-vaccination-300x173

When parents divorce, they must come to an agreement about who has physical and legal custody of their children. Physical custody refers to where and with whom the children primarily live. Legal custody refers to parents having authority to make decisions for their children regarding major issues such as religious upbringing, education, and medical matters. Parents often have shared legal custody, which means that both parents have equal decision-making responsibility for their children. However, sometimes a parent may have sole legal custody and exclusive authority to make important decisions for the child, including whether to vaccinate them.

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If you are arrested and convicted one time for DWI, it could be attributed to a misunderstanding or a lapse in judgment. If you’re arrested for repeated DWIs, it signals a possible problem. If you find yourself caught in a repeated DWI cycle, you’re not alone–but you’re still in a dangerous position. As many as one-third of all DWI arrests are for repeat offenders, and according to MADD, 91 percent of alcohol-related fatalities are committed by repeat offenders.

If you have multiple DWIs, you’re at risk for a host of consequences, including unemployment, loss of driving privileges, higher insurance rates, and jail time–not to mention an increased chance of causing injury or death to yourself and others. The best way to break this cycle is to understand its root causes and then take tangible steps to disrupt the cycle.


Why People Commit Repeat DWIs

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So you’re facing your third (or fourth) DWI arrest. Here in New Hampshire, that means you’re now dealing with felony charges. If convicted, you’re facing mandatory jail time, plus an indefinite suspension of your driver’s license. But beyond these challenges, you’re now wondering if something is wrong with you. Do you have a problem with alcoholism? Perhaps you’re even wondering if you were born with a propensity for DWI. Is it true? Are you somehow genetically fated to have problems with alcoholism resulting in continued DWIs?

While there certainly is a possibility that your propensity for alcohol is genetic, that does not mean you’re doomed to fight DWIs all your life. Let’s explore this question a bit further.

The Connection Between Alcoholism and GeneticsTenn-DNA-300x213

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Since the world began tracking COVID-19 cases, there have been nearly 168 million cases worldwide and more than 33 million cases in the United States. Although the long-term consequences of COVID-19 infection are still unfolding, some of the effects came into play as early as last summer, when experts predicted that as many as 1 in 3 patients could experience neurological after-effects of the disease.

Neurological Impact

Beyond lung damage, this is perhaps the most concerning long-term effect. Although scientists are undecided on whether COVID-19 attacks the brain itself, the evidence clearly points to the ongoing potential results: increased fatigue, sleep disorders, gait challenges, loss of vision, and tingling/numbness in limbs. And, the prediction from last August has proven to be prescient and accurate by several longitudinal studies. “The survivors displayed a wide array of neurological symptoms: fatigue, from memory and attention issues to sleep disorders, myalgias followed by depression/anxiety, visual disturbances, tremors, and anosmia, the loss of the sense of smell.”

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There’s nothing like riding your motorcycle through often hazardous, winding, twisting roads of the Granite State to take in the scenery and fresh air. But even more enjoyable is riding with a group of your friends. You can enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, plan a route that takes you all on a breath-taking route, and even stop at a restaurant, café, or gas station to enjoy a meal to refuel yourselves and your bikes.

What can you do to protect yourself and your fellow riders when riding in a group? There are several common-sense steps you and your fellow group riders should take.Group-Ride-300x154

Have a Meeting Before You Take to the Road

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ketogenic-diet-foods-infographic-300x146False positives occur on DWI breathalyzer tests more often than you might think. Breathalyzer testing equipment always comes with its margin of error, and the test is administered by a person who is not infallible. A lesser-known potential cause of a false positive on a DWI test is the diet of the person being tested. For example, a keto diet, low carb diet, or intermittent fasting may cause false positives on DWI breathalyzer tests.

The Problem with Ketosis Breath

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Motorcycle accidents in New Hampshire are always a scary experience and can lead to significant injuries or fatalities. Regardless of whether or not you caused the accident or partially caused it, you need or could greatly benefit from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in New Hampshire. There are several reasons for this, namely: bias toward motorcycles, lack of knowledge of motorcycles, and insurance companies who manipulate the latter two reasons – these things together or separate can create conditions where either an insurance adjuster or a jury can justify reducing or denying compensation.collision-300x169

Below is a brief discussion on why you should consider a trusted motorcycle attorney in New Hampshire if or when you get into an accident.

Stereotypes of Motorcyclists & Its Impact on New Hampshire Auto Accidents

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As common as divorce is among younger people, divorces among older couples have also become more prevalent in recent years. According to the Pew Research Center, divorce rates among couples over age 50 have doubled since the 1990s. For those aged 65 and up, the rates have tripled. Some refer to this phenomenon as “late-life divorce” or “grey divorce.”

Divorce can be difficult at any age, but when it happens in later life, it comes with some unique challenges that are different from those experienced by younger couples. Let’s discuss some of these challenges and how you might address them.

Complications in Dividing AssetsTenn-elderly-253x300

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