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Want to Clear your NH Criminal record?

Clearing Your NH Criminal Record
Have you ever been convicted of a crime in New Hampshire? Is that conviction preventing your from obtaining a good job? Perhaps it’s time to Petition the Court to clear your criminal record. The NH Criminal Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. in Manchester, NH can help.

NH Law allows most individuals who have been convicted of a crime to Annul or expunge their past criminal record as well as the record of their arrest. There are some limitations on what crimes can be removed from your record. And, prior to petitioning the Court, you must have remained of good behavior and conviction free for a prescribed period of time. If the Court approves your Petition and your criminal record is annulled, you are to be treated in all respects as if you had never been arrested, convicted, or sentenced for a crime.

If you have been previously convicted of a crime in NH and would like that conviction removed from your record, please call us. We have represented many people who deserve to have their record cleared of any past blemishes.

Filing a Petition to Annul in New Hampshire
Hiring an experienced NH criminal attorney to file your Petition is an important first step in clearing your criminal record and good name. All statutory requirements must be satisfied before any Petition is filed. Failing to meet NH’s specific annulment requirements will result in your Petition being automatically denied. Should denial occur, you will not be able to file any subsequent Petition to Annul for an additional three (3) years.

Being eligible for annulment requires you to have remained conviction free from any further criminal activity for a prescribed number of years. This period of good behavior ranges from one year for a Violation level offense to ten years for certain Class A Felonies.  Additionally, you are required to file a Petition to Annul for each charge for which you were convicted and now seek annulment. Finally, your annulment Petition needs to demonstrate to the court that you have successfully completed all of the terms of your sentence.

The Annulment Process
After your Petition to Annul is filed, it is presented to the prosecutor’s office for their assent or objection. Thereafter, whether or not the Court grants the Petition to annul is discretionary. The Judge who reviews and rules upon your Petition must determine whether granting your annulment request is warranted and “will assist in the petitioner’s rehabilitation and will be consistent with the public welfare.” At the time of your annulment hearing, it is critical that your Petition to Annul, and your oral presentation to the Court, bolster your need for rehabilitation and persuades the judge to grant your Petition.

Experienced NH Annulment Lawyers                                                                  Our NH Criminal Attorneys have helped many people Annul their NH criminal records. Researching your prior criminal history, confirming your eligibility for annulment, and preparing and filing your annulment Petition are all part of our process to help clear your name and your record. Our experienced annulment lawyers are here to help. We are available for a confidential and Free Telephone Consultation at 603-624-3700.

The complete NH statute on Annulment of Criminal Records can be found at: NH RSA 651:5 Annulment of Criminal Records

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