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Motorcycle crashes can result in severe injuries.  Riders can suffer injuries ranging from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the loss of a limb or even broken bones.  A motorcycle collision can also result in road rash, which results in skin and bone abrasions caused when a rider hits or scrapes exposed skin against the road after falling or being thrown from a motorcycle.Road_Rash

Road rash may not be as severe as a brain injury or limb loss, but it can be extremely painful and result in sever and permanent scarring.  Even at a low rate of speed, a motorcycle crash can lead to road rash injuries that can require lengthy rehabilitation.  Road rash can range from minor scrapes that look like a bad sunburn and the skin is not broken, to broken skin that’s bleeding, to all layers of skin being damaged and being able to see fat and tissue.  The last requires immediate medical care, but the other types of road rash can be treated with over-the-counter ointments and bandages.

After the crash, medical personnel encourage minor bleeding from the abrasion, as it will help flush out some of the debris that may be embedded deeper in the cuts.  They then suggest washing the area with warm water.  Rinsing the wound might hurt,  but it is essential to getting the area as clean as possible.

If there is still debris in the road rash, sterilize tweezers with alcohol and use them to get the stones, glass, dirt, and other elements out of the cuts.  Cleaning the area with a gentle soap and a washcloth can be helpful.  Once all debris is removed and the area has been cleaned and patted dry, it’s best to apply an antibiotic ointment to help prevent an infection and keep a scab from hardening and cracking. Of course, treating a road rash injury is always best left to medical professionals.

It is best to cover the road rash with a loose, non-stick bandage.  This could be a band-aid, gauze with tape, or large dressing.  Changing this dressing frequently is important in order to keep the area clean and the bandage from sticking to the wound.  This covering will keep the scrapes from sticking to your clothes.

Once the wound has stopped oozing a dressing is no longer necessary.  This can happen anywhere from a week to two weeks after the crash.  In order to decrease the likelihood of scarring from moderate road rash the wound should be kept clean, covered in antibiotic ointment, and bandaged.

In order to avoid road rash, it is important to be properly equipped and attired when riding a motorcycle.  Although it is not the law in New Hampshire, wearing a helmet is highly encouraged when on a motorcycle.  Riders should also wear appropriate foot gear and not flip flops.  Over the rest of the body it’s best to wear full protective gear including pants, a jacket, and gloves.

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