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Salem Man Injured in Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist from Salem, New Hampshire was seriously injured recently when his motorcycle crashed with a pickup truck, according to a recent article in the Eagle Tribune.

The motorcyclist was traveling along North Policy Street when a pickup turned off of Dyson Drive and directly into the bike’s path. The motorcyclist, unable to stop in time, crashed into the side of the pickup. Both vehicles were heavily damaged in the crash.

The motorcyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, was taken to Lawrence General Hospital and later flown to Massachusetts General Hospital for additional care. According to hospital staff, he remains in serious condition with severe head injuries. The driver of the pickup truck did not appear to be injured at the scene of the NH motorcycle injury accident.

North Policy Street was closed for several hours while police worked to investigate the crash. They have not yet determined whether alcohol or speed played a role in either the motorcyclist’s or the truck driver’s behavior. Once police have a more complete picture, they may or may not file criminal charges, according to local law enforcement.

Motorcycle accidents that occur when a driver turns into a motorcycle’s path or pulls out in front of a motorcyclist are, unfortunately, all too common, especially in the early morning and other times when it is dark out and visibility is low. Motorcycle riders can help make themselves more visible by using lights and reflective clothing when they ride. However, drivers still have a responsibility to watch carefully at intersections for oncoming motorcycles, as well as to obey all traffic signals.

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