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New Hampshire Divorced Couple Fight Over Daughter’s Schooling

A divorced couple has approached the New Hampshire Supreme Court to settle their disagreement on the proper way to educate their daughter, according to a recent Boston Globe article.

The parents, who have joint custody of their 11-year-old daughter, have not been able to resolve their differences regarding their daughter’s schooling. From first until fourth grade, the daughter was home schooled by her mother, who considers it an important part of the girl’s religious upbringing. However, her father disagrees, saying that home schooling has isolated their daughter socially. The couple has not been able to agree on an alternative to home schooling.

A lower court ordered the girl to attend public school, but her mother appealed, claiming that she has a constitutional right to oversee her daughter’s religious and secular education. The father argues that there is no constitutional right to home school a child and that their daughter’s needs outweigh her mother’s interest in providing a home-based education.

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