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Hit-And-Run Motorcycle Accident In New Hampshire

For a motorcyclist, cars on the road can be a very serious threat. A motorcycle is an open air vehicle, exposing the rider to extreme injury, should an accident occur. Because of this both rider and driver alike must take extra precautions to avoid collisions. If an accident occurs, both drivers should remain on scene until help arrives. Unfortunately for one motorcyclist in Concord, this was not the case. Concord police are currently searching for the perpetrator of a serious vehicle accident. A hit and run occurred close to 5:30 pm this week past. A motorcyclist was struck by another driver on the road, driving a white car. The vehicle fled the scene shortly after. The motorcyclist was hospitalized with serious injuries, and the hit and run driver is still at large.crash

Hit-And-Run In New Hampshire

According to a study by AAA, hit and run accidents claim nearly 1500 lives each year, nationwide. Many states have severe penalties for defendants facing hit and run charges, and New Hampshire is no exception. It is the responsibility of every driver on the road to adhere to New Hampshire’s laws regarding what to do at the scene of an accident. According to state law, if an accident results in “any person injured or killed, or if damage to property is in excess of $1,000” the persons involved in the accident, to a reasonable degree, are required to file an accident report, unless an officer of the law is there to generate the report themselves. New Hampshire provides 15 grace days for a person to fill out an accident report before they face felony charges. Failure to do so results in class B felony charges. A class B felony can potentially result in fines up to $2,000 and jail time between three and a half years to seven years. Felony charges have long lasting consequences, and should be handles with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Liability Issues

While hit and run is a crime, one thing the defendant may not be considering is that fleeing the scene of an accident creates a huge liability. On the road, drivers must take extra care not to harm more vulnerable motorists or pedestrians, including motorcyclists. For motorcyclists, car accidents can mean massive medical bills, replacing a motorcycle they’ve spent thousands of hours working on, and severe injuries. In this case in particular, the motorcyclist was severely injured, while the driver fled. The suspect faces criminal charges already, however, following the criminal proceedings, they may still be held liable through civil means, regardless of what happens in the criminal proceedings.

When a person is injured in an accident, they should consult with a personal injury attorney. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact NH’s Motorcycle Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn today for a free consultation. Our injury attorneys are long time motorcyclist who understand how motorcycle accident cases differ from automobile injuries.

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