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Highway Deaths in New Hampshire Down 25% This Year

Fewer fatalities on the road are always a good thing, regardless of the size of the decrease. Fortunately, New Hampshire’s decrease in the number of highway fatalities over the course of the past year has been quite substantial. According to an article, New Hampshire has experienced a 25% decrease in the number of traffic fatalities that have occurred on Granite State Highways. Reportedly, 99 people have died in traffic accidents this year compared to 131 people who died during the same time period in 2008.

Reasoning for the decrease is speculated to have been caused by a more vigilant enforcement of traffic safety practices by law enforcement and better driving habits on the part of motorists, such as always wearing one’s seatbelt. The New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency also cites the downbeat economy as another factor that may be preventing accidents, namely because not as many people are using their vehicles as a means of conserving finances. Regardless of the causes, it is a welcomed sign that New Hampshire’s roads and highways are becoming just a little bit safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Traffic accidents in New Hampshire affect far too many people. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, the circumstances surrounding the collision need to be carefully examined. If one or more parties are deemed negligent, then those parties may be held liable for your property damage and personal injury.
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