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The month of May is frequently the first of the year that is warm enough for motorcycles to be out on the roads of New Hampshire on a regular basis. After being hidden in garages all winter, the sudden presence of motorcycles on the roads can come as a surprise. This can make it helpful for motorcyclists and car drivers to review some of the safety tips that can prevent a motorcycle accident. motorcycleawarenessad-300x158

Motorcyclists: Wear a Helmet

Motorcyclists are probably tired of hearing this safety tip. They are probably sick of hearing estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that say helmets saved the lives of 1,772 bikers in 2015 alone.

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Police and prosecutors in Manchester, New Hampshire are scrambling after an internal investigation led to the firing of a longtime Manchester detective. While the results of the internal investigation have not yet been released, whatever was found has put numerous drug cases that were being pursued by the detective into serious doubt.Manchester-PD-300x300

The criminal defense attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. are watching this ongoing situation closely.

Internal Investigation Leads to Firing of New Hampshire Detective

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Divorce, criminal conduct and ethics intersect in a recent New Hampshire court case. Onetta Bobbet of Rye, NH has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Portsmouth and two Portsmouth detectives. At the heart of the law suit are allegations that the two detectives improperly shared information on Bobbet’s phone with her ex-husband, with whom she was in the middle of a contentious divorce. She alleges that her ex-husband had close ties with the officers in question. After filing a credit card dispute with police, Bobbet herself was arrested on charges that were later dropped. In the course of the criminal investigation, which coincided with divorce proceedings, Bobbet’s phone was seized by police. Bobbet alleges that the policemen friendly with her ex-husband “funneled” sensitive information on her phone to him, to be used against her in the divorce. divorce-title-image1_tcm7-213340-300x154 Continue reading →

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A Pennsylvania man will receive $26.55 million in a record-breaking personal injury case. The settlement is the largest in history for personal injury cases in Pennsylvania.settlements_verdicts1

David Williams was working as a landscaper for the company TruGreen Corp. in 2011 at the time of his accident. He contends that his employers ServiceMaster Co., the owner of TrueGreen Corp., along with Dickinson Fleet Services LLC were negligent in their maintenance of the truck Williams drove for his job.

Williams was driving the truck when he suddenly lost control and swerved off the road due to a bald tire. The force of the accident ejected him from the truck and caused a fractured spinal cord that has required multiple surgeries. The resulting injuries left Williams a quadriplegic, with no feeling below his chest and very limited mobility in his arms and hands.

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 Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough; the confusion, panic and anxiety it comes with are some of the things you will have to deal with. But in the midst of all that you need to preserve all the evidence in a manner that will be presentable in the event your injury claim goes to court. Properly documenting what transpired, especially if you were not at fault for the collision, helps prove liability and demonstrate that you were the victim and not the wrongdoer.  This approach applies weather your case settles out of court or ends up in the hands of a jury to decide.  Once again, properly documenting what transpired is the first critical step to help you recover  fair compensation in line with injury laws. Do your best to provide as much evidence as possible. Car Accident

Take photos of the accident scene

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Get Help for Your Personal Injury Case in Concord, New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire is home to good schools and family-friendly communities. Its rustic and laid-back atmosphere makes it an ideal place for bringing up children or for retiring peacefully.  With low crime rates, the state is deemed one of the best places to live in America.

Being New Hampshire’s seat of government, the city of Concord is a bustling little community engaged in various industries, the most noted of which are insurance, granite processing, and printing. Concord is a great place to live. Unfortunately, no city is immune to its share of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents and injuries. claimsshutterstock_87943915

Concord, NH Personal Injuries

Personal injuries often results from negligence, recklessness, substance abuse, and malpractice.  It can happen anywhere – on the job, in a boutique, at a hospital, or on the street.  Personal injury is not just physical but also psychological and emotional.  It can be due to a faulty product, a medical misdiagnosis, a wet floor,  an un-repaired pothole, or an absent minded driver.  While the injury may come in different forms, the nature of the cause is always the same — either by negligence or irresponsible action by the at-fault party.  Unfortunately, the responsible party can be your own boss, doctor, teacher, landlord, an establishment or even the local government.  And that personal injury may possibly have been avoided if the offender had taken necessary precautions to do so.

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Motorcycle crashes can result in severe injuries.  Riders can suffer injuries ranging from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the loss of a limb or even broken bones.  A motorcycle collision can also result in road rash, which results in skin and bone abrasions caused when a rider hits or scrapes exposed skin against the road after falling or being thrown from a motorcycle.Road_Rash

Road rash may not be as severe as a brain injury or limb loss, but it can be extremely painful and result in sever and permanent scarring.  Even at a low rate of speed, a motorcycle crash can lead to road rash injuries that can require lengthy rehabilitation.  Road rash can range from minor scrapes that look like a bad sunburn and the skin is not broken, to broken skin that’s bleeding, to all layers of skin being damaged and being able to see fat and tissue.  The last requires immediate medical care, but the other types of road rash can be treated with over-the-counter ointments and bandages.

After the crash, medical personnel encourage minor bleeding from the abrasion, as it will help flush out some of the debris that may be embedded deeper in the cuts.  They then suggest washing the area with warm water.  Rinsing the wound might hurt,  but it is essential to getting the area as clean as possible.

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Today, the New Hampshire’s House of Representatives will vote on a Bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. House Bill 492 proposes to legalize one ounce of marijuana for people 21 and older.  decriminalizing-marijuana

Proponents of the Bill say it would unravel regulations put in place during the prohibition era, and align New Hampshire with other states which have enacted similar laws, most recently Colorado. Supporters of the Bill further believe that the new proposed law would help generate millions of dollars in revenue for New Hampshire.  Other aspects of the Bill propose regulating and taxing the marijuana at a rate of $30 per ounce, and allows individuals to grow up to six plants in a controlled environment.

Opponents of the bill say it will be difficult to regulate, flies in the face of federal regulations, will not bring in the anticipated revenue to the State, and will lead to increased criminal activity in the State. Moreover, they argue that marijuana use is simply bad for people’s health.

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Three partners at Tenn And Tenn law firm have been selected as Super Lawyers, placing them among the best in their field for their key areas of practice.

Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have earned high honors. All three of the firm’s attorneys, Jim, John and Mary Tenn, have been voted by their peers as Super Lawyers for 2012.

Tenn And Tenn, P.A. provides services to clients across diverse areas of law including personal injury law, family law, criminal defense and Driving While Intoxicated.