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Will Guardrails Help Curb Dangerous Road Accidents?

According to New Hampshire’s WMUR Channel 9, road crews are working to install new guardrails in the center medians along portions of Interstate 93 and other New Hampshire roads and highways. Lately, multiple instances of vehicles crossing the centerline and driving into oncoming traffic have resulted in vehicle accidents, personal injury, and unfortunate deaths.

Although the New Hampshire Department of Transportation states that there is no safety issue at hand, and that the noted crashes resulted for inexplicable reasons, federal guidelines have been put into place which now mandates that guardrails be installed on divided highways that don’t have at least 50 feet of median in between them.

Though the question arose as to why guardrails were never installed on some highways in the first place, Department of Transportation officials reason that guardrails provide motorists with something to crash into in the same way that they provide a barrier from crashing into oncoming vehicles. Furthermore, the issue of expense was also highlighted as another reason why guardrails were not previously installed.

Unfortunately, motorists are relatively helpless against dangerous road conditions. While it is a motorist’s responsibility to adhere to the rules of the road, it is the responsibility of local municipalities to ensure that New Hampshire roads and highways are safe. Often times, uneven roads, obscured traffic signage, or even raw materials left over from highway construction crews can hinder a motorist’s ability to drive safely, and can ultimately lead to an accident where injury and even death may ensue.

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