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Alcohol Mixed With Diet Drinks May Increase Intoxication More Than Alcohol and Regular Drinks

Alcohol Mixed With Diet Drinks May Increase Intoxication More Than Alcohol and Regular Drinks

According to news reports, a recent study authored by a professor at the University of Northern Texas indicates that mixing alcohol with diet soda can result in a higher breath alcohol concentration, than mixing alcohol with regular soda.  According to reports, the behavior of those who consumed alcohol with artificially-sweetened mixers (like the kind found in diet soda) also behaved more impaired than those who consumed the same amount of alcohol mixed with regular, sugar-sweetened drinks.

dietsoda120531022724-sugary-drinks-story-topAccording to the study, the stomach appears to treat regular, sugar-sweetened beverages like food, delaying the stomach from emptying.   In that way, sugar-sweetened mixers appear to slow down the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.  While artificially-sweetened mixers may not elevate intoxication, the lack of sugar found in diet soda “simply allows the rate of alcohol absorption to occur without hindrance.”

Researchers have also apparently confirmed that women tend to be more frequent consumers of such artificially-sweetened alcohol mixers, such as diet soda, than men.  While all consumers of alcohol should be aware of this new research, those who regularly consume mixed drinks containing diet soda should be especially mindful of these results.  The study is being published in the April issue of the Journal: Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

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