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If you’re a typical American, you would be one of those folks who are hosting or attending a Thanksgiving dinner in a few days. A Thanksgiving dinner is always a great opportunity to reunite with loved ones, most of whom you probably haven’t seen for a long time. It is a time of feasting on turkey, pumpkin pie, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and other traditional Thanksgiving fare.
But did you know that one of the happiest American holidays is also one of the deadliest? In New Hampshire alone, there were more than 100 fatalities due to road accidents. This is partly due to road conditions during the season, as well as the general festive mood giving rise to increased alcohol intake and consequent mishaps by drunk drivers. Happy Thanksgiving

Check Weather Reports Before Traveling

Visitors to New Hampshire during Thanksgiving face less deadly but inconvenient situations, usually caused by weather conditions. Last year, some airlines had to divert, reschedule, or even cancel flights due to New Hampshire and nearby states because of an impending snowstorm. What a way to spoil your Thanksgiving plans!

Fortunately, this year’s weather forecasts for New Hampshire during Thanksgiving week promises to be more pleasant. Temperatures will average between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, with mostly sunny to cloudy conditions around Thursday.

To make your travel to and around New Hampshire free of an automobile accident and worries, here are some useful travel safety tips. Continue reading →

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Annually celebrated on November 11th in America, this U.S. Federal Holiday was started to honor men and women that have served loyally in the armed forces of the country. While originally celebrated as Armistice Day, the Holiday transformed into Veterans Day in 1954 to recognize the contribution of the armed forces.  Veterans Day

Celebrating Veterans Day in New Hampshire

Veterans Day parades are held throughout the country to commemorate the United States Armed Forces. In New Hampshire, the State Veterans Cemetery and the Department of New Hampshire Veterans of Foreign Wars are hosting a Veterans Day Ceremony from 11 am on November 11th (Wednesday) at the NH State Veterans Cemetery. The ceremony is expected to last for approximately an hour. The Manchester Veterans Day Parade starts at Elm Street in Manchester and ends at Veterans Park on Elm Street. Interested war veterans can get in touch with Parade Chairman, Ron Boisvert for participation.

On November 11th, the Manchester VA Medical Center will observe Veterans Day with a moment of silence at 11 am. The center will also host a Manchester VA Medical Center Veterans Day Program in the Granite State Room at 2 pm. The invitation is open to everyone and the program will be followed by a social. The program includes a color guard, a Pledge of Allegiance from the Community Living Center Residents, an acoustical prelude and a special wreath presentation to the Community Living Center veterans. The festive celebration will include visits from Ms. New Hampshire and Elvis Presley. If any person wants to get in touch with the team for their Veterans Day Celebrations, they can send an email to Continue reading →

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With its quaint rustic atmosphere and large stretches of raw lands, New Hampshire has a moderate number of car crashes each year as compared to many other states.  Yet, like many other states, New Hampshire has its own share of car crashes, particularly during the Halloween season.  Our NH injury lawyers have reviewed the safety statistics and have outlined below some of the most common reasons why road accidents are at their height during Halloween, even in a quiet state like New Hampshire. Halloween_Safety

Trick or Treaters. During the Halloween season in New Hampshire, you can expect many trick or treaters on the road.  Most are young children who may not be aware of road signs and approaching vehicles as they scoot around the neighborhoods seeking candy and other treats. And since trick or treating usually occurs after sundown, children are often outside in the dark and may not easily be seen by motorists until they run out in front of vehicles.  Costumes may also be partly to blame as they can be too bulky or impair a child’s vision (especially masks and headgear).  Some costume accessories, such as very tall and heavy hats or oversized footwear, can cause children to lose balance or trip on the road.

Excessive drinking and partying.  Halloween isn’t just for children.  Adults also hold many house and office parties during this time.  And at adult parties, expect a lot of eating and drinking.  Irresponsible adults will insist on driving even after drinking.  Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause a serious if not fatal automobile accidents.  Vision and driving acuity can be impaired by the driver’s costume, especially if the costume blocks vision or limits movement while he is behind the wheel.

Time of trick or treating and partying.   Halloween-related activities are done after dark to create an eerie atmosphere.  Parties usually last after midnight so people are either very tired or possibly intoxicated by that time as they walk or drive home.  Keeping a look out for pedestrians may not be a driver’s primary focus after a eventful Halloween party.

Winter weather.  Like its New England neighbors, New Hampshire’s winters are generally earlier and heavier than most other states .  New Hampshire has seen snow in October, particularly at Halloween.  Snowfall leads to icy roads which can cause collisions, and fog can lead to poor road visibility.  Freezing rain, cold temperatures and /or snow may cause obstruction and risk of collision.

The key to avoiding accidents during this season is to follow some sensible Halloween safety tips.

Install snow tires.  Even before the start of snowfall, have snow tires or chains to prevent skidding on icy roads.

Teach trick or treaters the safety rules.  Ensure your children take precautions while walking, especially obeying traffic signs and lights.  Let them bring flashlights or lamps to light their path and make them more visible to motorists.  Encourage them to go out in groups, as there is safety in numbers.  Better yet, you or another adult should accompany them while trick or treating.

Don’t drink and drive.  Avoid a possible DUI.  If you have had too much to drink, consider staying at your host’s place for the night or appoint a designated driver to bring you home.  Even when you’re just walking home, consider having someone accompany you to ensure that you don’t cross into the path of oncoming vehicles.  If you are injured while trick or treating, contact an experienced and award-winning NH accident attorney at Tenn And Tenn, PA in Manchester, NH.  We are here to help.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween season.



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Bicycle Safety & Riding Laws in New Hampshire

Whether you’re in a large cosmopolitan district in New York, or a quiet rustic town in New Hampshire, you face the same risks of getting into an accident while riding a bicycle.  The risks of significant injury are especially  heightened if you don’t wear protective gear.Bicycle to School

The first recorded bicycle crash was in 1896 when a motor vehicle collided with a bicycle. Ever since 1932, there have been more than 50,000 recorded bicycle accidents which involved death for the riders.

Most of the time, bicycle accidents are caused by inattentiveness (like not checking for any passing car or bike before opening the car door), failure to signal, violation of traffic rules (such as making illegal turns or speeding), and substance abuse.  And it’s either the vehicle driver or the cyclist who may have been at fault.  And about 40% of all bike fatalities were due to alcohol abuse.  This is in fact the most common cause.

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Motorcycle Accidents in NH on the Rise

Summer weather in New Hampshire brings motorcycle rides out in full force. With an abundance of spectacular scenery, NH offers motorcycle enthusiasts great destination rides.  Start a day in the White Mountains, travel through the Lakes Region and end your day at the Seacoast.  NH offers motorcyclists some wonderful adventures. Despite the joy and freedom associated with motorcycling,  there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities in New Hampshire lately.  During the month of July alone there have been a handful of serious and or fatal accidents involving motorcycles. Such collisions have occurred throughout the state including Manchester, Nashua, Concord and other communities. share roadhutterstock_190724723

Nashua, NH for instance, was voted  Best City to Live in America which is quite a feat for any U.S. city.  It certainly deserves the title given its ideal bedroom community setting amidst dozens of shopping outlets, representing almost any American store chain, along with its vast array of  multicultural dining spots.

But Nashua, like any other American city, is also home to serious motorcycle collisions and auto accidents. And these collisions can be life changing for an injured accident victim, especially motorcycle rides and their passengers.

Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

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Get Help for Your Personal Injury Case in Concord, New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire is home to good schools and family-friendly communities. Its rustic and laid-back atmosphere makes it an ideal place for bringing up children or for retiring peacefully.  With low crime rates, the state is deemed one of the best places to live in America.

Being New Hampshire’s seat of government, the city of Concord is a bustling little community engaged in various industries, the most noted of which are insurance, granite processing, and printing. Concord is a great place to live. Unfortunately, no city is immune to its share of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents and injuries. claimsshutterstock_87943915

Concord, NH Personal Injuries

Personal injuries often results from negligence, recklessness, substance abuse, and malpractice.  It can happen anywhere – on the job, in a boutique, at a hospital, or on the street.  Personal injury is not just physical but also psychological and emotional.  It can be due to a faulty product, a medical misdiagnosis, a wet floor,  an un-repaired pothole, or an absent minded driver.  While the injury may come in different forms, the nature of the cause is always the same — either by negligence or irresponsible action by the at-fault party.  Unfortunately, the responsible party can be your own boss, doctor, teacher, landlord, an establishment or even the local government.  And that personal injury may possibly have been avoided if the offender had taken necessary precautions to do so.

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Back to School: Safe Bicycle Riding Tips for New Hampshire Students

September is almost here, and that means you and other New Hampshire students will be headed back to school.  Most schoolchildren take the school bus or are brought to school in their parent’s cars.  While this is convenient, there are other healthier and environmentally friendlier ways of going to school, either by walking or biking.  Back To School Sign

Biking is a fun and healthy transportation method, and is also faster than walking.  Books can be place on an attached bike’s basket so you spare yourself the burden of having to carry them on your shoulder, arms, or back. And you feel a sense of independence in being able to budget your time and getting to and from school without having to ask your parents to drive you. Biking is more flexible than driving a car as you can easily cut across parks or greenbelts without having to wait for streetlights or people to cross on pedestrian lanes.

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Drunk Driving in NH – Over the Limit. Under Arrest.  Don’t Drink and Drive.

The television commercials, newspaper articles, radio spots and even highway signs are everywhere reminding motorists not to drink and drive. Over the limit. Under arrest.  It’s pretty clear. There are other slogans as well: How about, Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.  These slogans make a good point-drinking and driving will not be tolerated in NH and will get you arrested.overthelimitdownload (1)

Frankly, I give the same advice to everyone I know; don’t drink and drive. You are putting yourself and others at risk if you are driving impaired. But as a NH DWI defense attorney, it’s important to me that arrests stem from probable cause and convictions are based upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Quippy slogans aside, the State must prove its allegations of impairment before a conviction can result. And in NH, despite the slogan-Over the limit, Under arrest, you are usually arrested BEFORE the police determine if you are over the legal limit. Let me try to explain…

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New Hampshire Motorcycle Safety Laws

Driving a motorcycle on the open road can be an exhilarating experience.  But despite the freedom that accompanies motorcycling, riding a motorcycle also subjects the driver and passenger to numerous safety risks.  For one, a motorcycle is an open vehicle which can allow the rider(s) to be struck  directly on his or her body or be thrown off from impact due to a motor vehicle collision.  Also, motorcycle drivers are less protected  against the forces of nature like wind and rain, and this can affect their vision and judgment during driving.  motorcycleshutterstock_210306886

In line with addressing the safety risks of motorcycles and mopeds, each state has its own laws about licensing motorcycles and their drivers.  There are slight variations but the fact remains that the laws aim to protect motorcyclists, maximize their safety while on the road, and help prevent motorcycle accidents especially with other vehicles.

The following pertain to safety rules for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds under New Hampshire’s jurisdiction.

Driver Age and Licensing.  Motorcycle drivers aged 12 and up must have a driver’s/operator’s license and rider education certificate.  Those under age 14 must be accompanied by a licensed motorcyclist who is at least 18 years of age.
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In the Penacook language, Nashua means “beautiful stream with a pebbly bottom”, a very apt name for the only city to get voted twice for Best Place to Live in America.

Nashua, New Hampshire represents an excellent quality of life because of its quiet, quaint rural atmosphere and proximity to the seacoast, the mountains, and the bustling city of Boston. Being Frisked on Car

DUI and Motor Vehicle Accidents  and Fatalities

However, the Gate City has its share of severe  car and motorcycle accidents due to DUI or impaired drivers. Drunk driving collisions occur with more frequency on weekends and holidays. More than one hundred people in the state of New Hampshire are killed by motor vehicle accidents that are otherwise preventable.  DUI cases in Nashua, as of 2013 comprise about 20% of all crimes against society, second only to drug-related offenses.

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