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Memorial Day Travel Tips for New Hampshire – Avoid Auto Accidents

Memorial Day is the day which we remember all the men and woman who died serving our great country, and for that we are grateful. This day also signifies the unofficial  start of summer, celebrations that last late into the night, and vacations. It also begins the “100 Deadliest Days” of the year according to the NHTSA. More than 33 million Americans are expected to hit the road during Memorial Day weekend with plans to travel at least 50 miles from home by car. As a result, it is definitely time to review auto accident and travel safety tips to improve your chances of having a happy and safe holiday weekend. Memorial Day

Buckle up!

Before you start driving, make certain you, as well as every one of your passengers, is wearing a seatbelt. Regardless of what you have heard, wearing a seatbelt saves lives and on average protects  more than 11,000 people involved in a car accident each year.

Properly secure any children in the car.

Make sure children are properly restrained. New Hampshire has laws in place regarding what type of child safety seat a child under the age of 6 or under 55 inches in height should be riding in. And, all children under 12 years old should ride in the back seat.

Put down your cell phone.

Although a ban on handheld cell phone use for drivers in New Hampshire goes into effect of July 1, 2015, it will still be legal to hold your phone and drive over Memorial Day weekend. However, it is certainly not advised. Even the simple act of talking on a handheld phone while driving distracts you, with texting only making the situation worse. In 2014, 26 percent of car accidents in the United States were linked to the use of mobile devices.

If you are going to drink, don’t drive.

Currently, someone dies as the result of an alcohol impaired accident every 51 minutes in the United States. Unfortunately, deaths related to drunk driving are notorious for spiking over the holiday weekends. Appoint a designated driver before you head out to a party or your local fireworks. If you’re designated driver does end up drinking, do yourself and everyone else on the road a favor and find another way home.

Have your tires checked.

While this is of particular importance if you are planning to travel a good distance over the Memorial Day weekend, it is something that everyone needs to have done on a regular basis. Have an expert assess your tire’s tread wear and air pressure, as well as make certain you have a functional spare for emergencies. Studies by the NHTSA show that tires that are under inflated or have a low tread depth make it more difficult to control a car and can lead to a blowout.

Be aware of special events, such as parades and fireworks.

Memorial Day is marked by a number of celebrations, including fireworks and parades that draw huge crowds. If you are not attending one of these events, it is advised that you stay out of the area because it will become heavily congested. If you will be attending, it is important to pay close attention to everything that is going on around your car to decrease your chances of hitting another car or even a person.

Unfortunately, even the safest drivers can be in an accident, often through no fault of their own. If you find yourself involved in a car accident in NH,  that was not your fault, you need an experienced car accident lawyer in New Hampshire. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to assist you,to ensure that your rights are protected, and make certain your best needs are met. There is only a limited amount of time to file a claim, so you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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Well it’s that time of year in New Hampshire where motorcycle enthusiasts take to the roads. New Hampshire is one of the most motorcycle friendly states around. With events like Laconia’s Motorcycle Week occurring every year, it could hardly be anything else. But what are New Hampshire’s laws concerning motorcycles? What do you need to know to travel safely? Well, here is a quick overview of the legal ins and outs of riding your bike in New Hampshire, split into sections for on-road riding and off-road riding:motorcycleshutterstock_22235944


  • New Hampshire does accept motorcycle endorsements from other states, so there are no hoops to jump through to ride. However, the state does not accept RiderEd completion cards from other states, so keep that in mind. Rider education is available for any qualified applicant, but it can be waived with a skills test.
  • Headlights are required, and modulating headlights are permitted.
  • Unless your bike has a windscreen, eye protection of some sort is required.
  • Handlebars cannot be higher than the height of the driver when seated on the motorcycle.
  • There are no specific restrictions on helmet speakers, however be sure to exercise good judgment and caution concerning them.
  • The absolute maximum sound level for your bike is 106dBA (note: measured twenty inches from the exhaust pipe at an angle of forty-five degrees). Mufflers are required, and cut-outs are not permitted.
  • Motorcycles are permitted to ride alongside each other in a single lane, so that is good news if you’re traveling with a friend.
  • There is not a restriction on the age of your passenger, but passenger footrests and passenger seats are requisite.
  • Mopeds are not covered under state Lemon Law protections. However, all other bikes are.
  • Intermittent safety inspections are required as well.


Joke: What do you call a cyclist who doesn’t wear a helmet? An organ donor. Wear a Helmet!

  • Safety helmets and eye protection are only required by law if you are under 18. But please exercise caution and utilize them anyway.
  • Spark arrestors are required.
  • Headlights and taillights are not optional after sunset.

The above regulations should help you avoid unnecessary fees and legal troubles while riding in New Hampshire. Read on for some general motorcycle tips.


General Motorcycle Safety Tips:

To avoid a motorcycle accident, make yourself visible to other drivers. There is a good chance that they might not notice you otherwise. Wear noticeable clothing, preferably of the reflective kind.

Ensure that you are comfortable in your motorcycle. Is your seat too high? Too low? On longer trips your seat and riding posture may be uncomfortable and give you severe back pain. Or maybe your handlebars are too far forward, and you have to lean excessively. Whatever the case, find what’s causing you discomfort on your bike and get it fixed. When you are riding, comfort could make a world of difference in the things you notice. Rather than thinking about that pain in your shoulder, you could be noticing the driver driving erratically behind you.

Drunk driving is never an option. Studies have shown repeatedly that motorcycle drivers who drive while intoxicated are far more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than are drunk automobile drivers, simply because a motorcycle affords less protection to the rider than a car. If you are going to be drinking, know your limits. Even if you think you are fine, park your bike and ride back with a friend.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, accidents do happen. And when they do, you need the best representation you can find. Invest in a top notch motorcycle accident lawyer. Knowing that you have a skilled professional on your side can lift a world of worry from your shoulders, and allow you to focus fully on recovery.


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Types of Car Accidents and Injuries in New Hampshire

Every car accident that occurs and results in injuries can be as unique as the people involved. It is also important to note that car accidents that lead to personal injury suits can entail many different situations and scenarios, including many types of vehicles. A car accident leading to a personal injury case doesn’t just have to be one car versus another. Any vehicle using a public roadway can become embroiled in a personal injury situation. accidentshutterstock_107802959

Common Types of Auto Accidents

The most common types of accidents in New Hampshire that involve vehicles other than cars are motorcycle accidents and car accidents. A motorcycle versus car accident can be much more devastating compared to other accidents due to the nature of the motorcycle. Even with a helmet, a motorcyclist is exposed and vulnerable. Plus, on certain roadways and under certain weather conditions, motorcycles are difficult to see. Also, road issues like potholes and debris can lead to a motorcycle accident regardless of the actions of a car driver.

Another common scenario involves car versus pedestrian accidents. In New Hampshire and elsewhere, pedestrians have the right away and also have plenty places to safely cross busy roads. But, many pedestrians are still hit by cars each year. Weather conditions, visibility, speed, and driver inattention can lead to scenarios where pedestrians are severely injured or worse. Regardless of the situation, when a pedestrian is hit by a moving car, the injuries can be severe and life-altering.

Bicycle Accidents

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Statute of Limitation Laws for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in New Hampshire

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident in New Hampshire through the negligence of another driver, you should first seek medical help, and then it would be in your best interest to seek an experienced personal injury law firm for legal help. NH law limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury law suit. A timely filed legal claim can help you recover compensation for your injuries.  timetisueshutterstock_222102715

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Lawsuit?

The NH statute of limitations in a personal injury matter is three years from the day of the accident. Some folks believe that the period of time begins from the date you realize the insurance company isn’t going to cover your expenses, but this is not the case. The clock starts when the accident occurs. If your accident involves a government vehicle, like a city bus or the like, that statute can be shorter.

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Snow Removal From Sidewalk

Winter in New Hampshire means snow! And there was lots of it this year. There is a growing concern of roofs collapsing in New Hampshire due to the record amount of snow this winter. The concern came true as heavy snow stormed parts of New Hampshire led to the collapse of roofs and loss of properties in different parts of the state. Devastation was worse in parts of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where it caused havoc in many buildings. Because of too much snow, 500 to 700 residents were displaced after the roof of their apartment building collapsed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The property owner and city officials decided to evacuate everyone until repairs has been made.

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Irish green is about to cover all of New Hampshire next week, and it won’t be from spring time grass,  just yet. St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, is fast approaching and plans for state-wide festivities are in full gear. One of the largest parties this year will be at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manchester on March 30thSt. Paddy's Day

Along with large parties and green beer comes increased police presence and an increase in the chances of being involved in an accident. In fact, there are thousands of people each year who are involved in car accidents related to alcohol. One third of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related, and many of those drivers have twice the legal limit in their systems at the time of the crash. Because of these sobering statistics, it is vital that anyone planning to paint the town green be safe and know their limits this St. Patricks day.

Planning Your Night

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 Thousands of snowplow accidents occur every year especially in states with heavy snowfall during the winter season! In the state of New Hampshire alone at least several hundred accidents take place during the snowy part of year. The most common accidents that occur involve snowplows. How do you know if you can obtain any compensation for injuries caused after being struck by a snow plow in NH? Snow Plowing Accident

You must determine fault for the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate the accident and help determine if the snowplow or operator is the cause of the collision. If the accident has been caused by the other driver, you are potentially eligible to receive compensation. This can cover medical expenses, lost wages, damages, pain and suffering, and numerous other damages that you need because of your injury. There are many reasons a person may be held responsible for a NH car accident and we have highlighted some of the most often causes below:

 Exhausted Driver

The driver was not paying attention and obeying the rules of the road because of sleep deprivation.This is usually caused by working and driving too many long hours at once.

Distracted Driving

There are many causes of inattention such as eating, smoking, texting, talking on cell phone, fiddling with music or GPS, and looking at maps.

Substance Abuse

There is never a good excuse to drive or operate any vehicle while intoxicated. This is especially true for alcohol and drug use. Please drive while sober!

Improper Maintenance Of Vehicle

All snow plows need regular check-ups and repairs annually in order to offer safe, efficient, and quality snow removal. Safety is of the utmost importance for both the plow operator and other motorists.

If you have been injured due a collision with a snow plow, retaining an experienced NH Injury Attorneys is your best bet to help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Let your lawyer handle everything including meeting all deadlines, filing all the necessary documents with the Court or insurance companies, and managing your medical expense file. An experienced NH injury firm will make things go smoothly and allow you to relax while recovering from the traumatic accident.

 Call a law firm in New Hampshire in order to review your case

 Many snowplows are owned by city offices like the NH Department of Transportation or other municipalities. These establishments have strict filing and notice time limits. These harsh deadlines can be frustrating and stressful if you do not immediately take action to have your injury case resolved. Let a professional legal team offer the support that will make it less troublesome.

 If you have sustained serious injuries after being struck by a snow plow in NH, contact the NH Injury Attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, PA. to discuss your claim and legal options.



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New Domestic Violence Law in New Hampshire as of January 2015 – Joshua’s Law

A new law has recently been passed in New Hampshire that will provide greater protection for those who are victims of domestic violence. This New Hampshire law also known as Joshua’s Law was named after a young victim that passed away due to an abusive father. This radical new law will allow domestic violence to be placed in a category all of its own. In the past, the state of NH charged people who commend domestic violence with assault. shutterstock_39879043

This change in the way domestic violence is categorized will allow the people who perpetrate these crimes to be better tracked. If someone in the future has one or more domestic violence charges on their record, a red flag is going to be sent out to both the police and the courts. This will keep them from falling into the cracks, and this also allows child protective services to better judge a home life situation.

Half of all homicides are direct results of domestic violence. Now with this law in place, the law enforcement will be better equipped to track those who are repeat offenders, and hopefully this will save lives. Getting repeat offenders off the streets is one of this bill’s main goals.

Domestic Violence Is a Serious Matter and You Will Need Professional Counsel

In the state of New Hampshire, domestic violence isn’t something that the courts or law enforcement take lightly. In fact, if police are called to a home regarding domestic violence they are bound by law to make an arrest. While domestic violence is terrible, both the victim and the accused have their legal rights.

When you have been charge with this damaging crime not only is your freedom at stake, but also your good name. Getting down to the facts is what you are going to need to protect your rights. By hiring a professional criminal defense lawyer that is experienced in domestic violence law, you will have someone that knows these specific laws standing by your side.

Restraining Orders

When a domestic violence case has been filed, a restraining order will almost always follow. This can break up families and cause major life changing disturbances to everyone that is involved. So having the right legal counsel just might help make the difference between staying in your home or having to move.

A domestic violence lawyer will get down to the details of what really happened and investigate the situation on a professional level. This type of professional guidance can help put things back together and get your life back. No matter if you are the accused or the accuser, having someone in your courner that knows the ropes is very important.

Facing a charge of domestic violence in NH? When your freedom is at stake, only a professional can help you. Contact an experienced  NH criminal attorney.

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Winter snow is beautiful in New Hampshire, however it can be very dangerous, and sometimes frightening for motorists caught in dangerous conditions out on the roadways. A motorist has to be particularly careful, because auto accidents often happen in poor weather situations. Accidents can be minor or can be severe causing you to total your car or cause serious bodily injury. There are all kinds of basic safety rules that help you when you’re faced with a difficult winter road emergency; and tons of information available online. The State of New Hampshire reminds drivers with NH winter weather advisories to limit road travel in times of heavy snow storms to allow the Department of Transportation to plow and treat the roadways.Winter Driving in New Hampshire

 Here are a few very important driving tips when dealing with severe winter weather:

 -Avoid driving when you’re particularly fatigued. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest before and after winter weather tasks so you’re well rested to avoid driving risks.

– Never leave your car turned on, or warm up vehicle in an open garage- you risk carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious, silent odorless killer.

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A recent local news story concerning New Hampshire Motor Speedway general manager Jerry Gappens centers around NH’s public indecency and lewdness statute, RSA 645:1. As reported, Mr. Gappens was arrested last week and charged with lewdness after police allegedly spotted him engaged in sexual activity with a woman in the back seat of his Toyota Sequoya SUV. Detectives from the Manchester Police Street Crime Unit were monitoring illicit activities at around 5:45 p.m. near Lincoln and Manchester streets when they spotted a woman enter the passenger side of an SUV, which then drove toward Hanover Street, the police said. Manchester police officers followed the SUV into a parking lot where they say they “observed an act of lewdness take place in the vehicle.”Mr. Gappens, 53, along with Kendra Johnson, 19 was charged with a misdemeanor level offense. lewdness

Public Indecency and Lewdness in NH is defined as:

NH RSA 645:1 Indecent Exposure and Lewdness.  
    I. A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if such person fornicates, exposes his or her genitals, or performs any other act of gross lewdness under circumstances which he or she should know will likely cause affront or alarm. 
    II. A person is guilty of a class B felony if: 
       (a) Such person purposely performs any act of sexual penetration or sexual contact on himself or herself or another in the presence of a child who is less than 16 years of age. 
       (b) Such person purposely transmits to a child who is less than 16 years of age, or an individual whom the actor reasonably believes is a child who is less than 16 years of age, an image of himself or herself fornicating, exposing his or her genitals, or performing any other act of gross lewdness. 
       (c) Having previously been convicted of an offense under paragraph I, or of an offense that includes the same conduct under any other jurisdiction, the person subsequently commits an offense under paragraph I. 
    III. A person shall be guilty of a class A felony if having previously been convicted of 2 or more offenses under paragraph II, or a reasonably equivalent statute in another state, the person subsequently commits an offense under this section. Continue reading →