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What Happens if the Driver Who Hit You Was On Drugs?

Driver-On-Drugs-300x223When you get into your car and drive, you’re probably not thinking that before you arrive at your destination, a driver may hit you. After you’ve been hit, it would make sense that you’re dealing with shock, confusion, or other strong emotions. You probably aren’t asking yourself if the other driver was under the influence of marijuana, medicine, or other drugs.

In New Hampshire, impaired driving, whether due to drugs or alcohol, is illegal and criminal. RSA 265-A:2 states, “No person shall drive or attempt to drive a vehicle upon any way or operate or attempt to operate a [motor vehicle] [w]hile such person is under the influence of … any controlled drug, prescription drug, over-the-counter drug, or any other chemical substance, natural or synthetic, which impairs a person’s ability to drive.” If you suspect the driver was on drugs, it’s important to take a few key steps.

What Signs Might Demonstrate the Driver Was On Drugs?

There are a variety of physical and emotional signs and driving behaviors that might lead you to suspect a driver was on drugs at the time of the accident. Here are several of them to watch for:

  • Physical Signs: drowsiness, reddened eyes, poor muscle coordination;
  • Emotional Signs: paranoia, heightened euphoria; and
  • Behavioral Signs: straddling two lanes, driving on the wrong side of the road, closely following a car.

Steps to Take If You Suspect A Driver Was On Drugs

  1. Call 911. The police will be able to write up a police report which you will need.
  2. Don’t confront the other driver but watch their behavior and take photos of the scene.
  3. Inform the police of your suspicions when they arrive.
  4. Seek appropriate medical care for any injuries.
  5. Keep a record of expenses.
  6. Speak with an experienced attorney.

Experienced New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been hit by a driver who was under the influence of any drugs, you want to contact experienced lawyers who can help you navigate the settlement process or court procedures. Contact Tenn And Tenn, P.A. attorneys for help. Call 1-888-511-1010 today or reach out online for your free consultation.

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