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What are the Dangers of Driving Too Slowly?

Tenn-Slow-driving-300x275When we think of dangerous driving, our minds often go to fast cars zipping in and out of traffic, threatening the safety of everyone around them. While it’s true that the need for speed can indeed be hazardous, driving too slowly can be just as perilous.

Why People Drive Too Slowly

Distractions are one of the leading causes of slow driving. As humans, we like to think of ourselves as excellent multitaskers, able to drive and check our texts or emails at the same time. In reality, our brains are really only capable of doing so much at one time. Take even a fraction of your attention off the road, and you’ll find your driving skills diminish quickly. If you notice a car driving too slowly, odds are good that the driver is on their phone.

New drivers also struggle to keep up with the pace of traffic. When motorists feel timid behind the wheel, they may be inclined to slow down, mistakenly believing that the slower they move, the safer they’ll be. In fact, slowing down traffic is dangerous for everyone on the road. Merging becomes more difficult, and rear-end crashes become more likely.

Senior citizens are also frequently guilty of driving too slowly. Poor vision, slowed reaction times, and reduced agility make it difficult to drive in the way they once could. Many older drivers also tend to be extremely cautious behind the wheel. While caution isn’t inherently bad, it can translate into timidity on the road. This kind of behavior increases the odds of a crash.

Risks Associated with Slow Driving

Motorists who operate under the posted speed limits may incite other drivers to overtake them. Frustrated and impatient drivers may make irresponsible choices to speed around them without taking the necessary precautions to prevent an accident. In such a scenario, a slow driver wouldn’t be considered at fault for the resulting crash, but they undoubtedly played a factor in the incident.

Slow driving does more than inspire road rage from other motorists. It can impede the flow of traffic. By moving too slowly, drivers essentially block the lane they’re traveling in, making everyone else around them adjust their driving behaviors. Inevitably, this leads to problems, which is why some police officers opt to ticket slow drivers.

Injured Because of a Slow Motorist? Our New Hampshire Attorneys Can Help

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