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Unlicensed NH Driver Injures Two, Raises Liability Questions

Unlicensed NH  Driver Injures Two, Raises Liability Questions

A driver without a valid license caused a car accident in Hudson, NH last week, injuring two people and trapping one in her car. The driver has been ticketed, but personal injury attorney John Tenn says he may face much bigger consequences.

HUDSON, NH – FIREFIGHTERS had to work to extract a woman from the passenger seat of her car last week after she and her husband were struck while leaving a parking lot. Police say the driver who caused the accident did not have a license, and NH car accident attorney John Tenn believes the man could pay for a lot more than a ticket.

The unlicensed driver, Jonathan Osborne, made a high speed left turn to pull into the parking lot while the couple, Christopher and Deborah Labrador, stopped legally before pulling out. The Labradors were both taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Osborne has been issued citations for unreasonable speed and driving without a license. Tenn says he is also legally liable for the Labradors’ medical bills and damages.

“Anytime there’s a car accident, the person whose negligence caused the collision is liable for the costs,” said Tenn, who focuses much of his practice on assisting accident victims. “In some cases it’s very hard to sort out who is to blame, and liability is hard to assign. Not in this case.”

Unlicensed Drivers

 Attorney Tenn says that car accident victims should always talk to an attorney to discuss their liability and legal options.

 “In this case the at-fault driver had no license and was ticketed for going too fast. Whether he’s insured or not, the couple is entitled to receive compensation for the collision and resulting injuries.”