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The Unique Perils of New Hampshire Weather For Drivers

New Hampshire—home of Mount Washington, which is known for its erratic weather—receives heavy amounts of snowfall, rain, and ice every year. On average, precipitation occurs 133 days per year. The average rainfall is 46 inches of rain (compared to the US average of 38 inches) and 68 inches of snow (28 inches for the US). And precipitation is not the only concern. Mount Washington, located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in Coös County, has recorded wind speeds of 231 mph (which held the worldwide record from 1933 to 1996). Although the rest of the state does not necessarily experience such extreme winds, the overall weather does present some unique concerns.Tenn-New-Hampshire-weather-300x228

Icy and slick roads result in severely dangerous driving conditions for all. Specifically, excess precipitation makes for more dangerous roads, and cold temperatures, especially for extended periods, increase the incidence of black ice.

Wintry mixes of snow, ice, hail, and freezing rain can quickly accumulate on roads, driveways, and parking lots. Drivers who hit a patch of black ice or slippery buildup may find their car skids and lose control. This can be very scary. Black ice forms more frequently when there are sudden temperature drops, causing thawed ice to refreeze. Also, bridges freeze more quickly than roads and will form ice much faster. Just this past April, a teenager died, in part due to a mix of rain and snow.

If you encounter wintry weather, as a driver, you are responsible for driving with the appropriate care; this could include slowing down your speed, maintaining extra distance between yourself and another car, and clearing all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving.

Winter weather accidents often raise issues of liability and can require expert assistance to navigate claims.

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