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In New Hampshire, accidents happen every day. Some are severe, even fatal. The fatality rate of persons killed by motor vehicle accidents in NH remains steady year after year. These numbers could rise with the mass amount of smart phone usage and texting while driving increases. If you are looking at filing a legal claim or lawsuit due to injuries sustained through the negligence of others, you are probably wondering what your injury case may be worth. There are a lot of factors that will decide the dollar amount, however you must first determine if there is enough evidence to prove negligence, if the injuries are causally related  and severe enough to provide for a monetary recovery or settlement. injury claim

In the end, it boils down to the damages sustained. You have to determine what your injuries cost you physically, mentally and monetarily. When it comes to personal injury cases, the company or the individual who is responsible for the accident can be held liable and ordered to pay monetary compensation to the injured party. Damage awards can be determined by a negotiated settlement between the attorneys, insurance company and the parties involved, or a jury and judge can decide at trial.

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