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We’ve all probably had this experience. You are out and about driving on a Granite State road, when suddenly there’s another vehicle behind you, and the driver of that vehicle is driving aggressively and following way too close for your comfort. Maybe they are in a hurry and impatient because you, the safety-first driver, are driving the speed limit. Or maybe they are just a jerk and they like intimidating other drivers while they are in their almost-monster-sized truck. You gently tap your brakes a few times to indicate that they need to back off, but this only makes them follow even closer. A quick glance into your rear-view mirror and you see that the driver is either waving their arms in frustration or giving you “the bird.”road-rage-300x203

Simple incidents like this can quickly escalate into serious provocations with harmful outcomes. In April 2019, two men driving along Route 4 in Grafton, New Hampshire got into some kind of altercation as they drove, which ended in a minor collision. Both men then got out of their cars and continued their argument, when finally one man pulled out a handgun and shot the other in the stomach. The man who was shot survived, and the trigger puller was charged with first-degree assault. An investigation into the gunman showed he has a history of road rage, including seven separate other road rage aggressions–four of which happened along the same Route 4 just weeks before he shot his victim.

Road Rage and How to Avoid It

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