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In a bizarre way, New Hampshire residents with DWI convictions and most criminal offenses can consider themselves lucky. While many states prohibit the expungement of drunk driving offense and other criminal convictions, New Hampshire residents can in fact get their DWI convictions removed from their records through an annulment.annulment-1

It is difficult to shake the stigma of a DWI. For first-time offenders who must carry this single mistake with them for the rest of their life, through job interviews and other professional or academic endeavors, it can be especially devastating. As said, New Hampshire residents are lucky in that they may not have to live with these and other ramifications of a DWI conviction their whole life. The very concept of annulment operates in the notion of second chances, allowing citizens to effectively erase the smudge from their record after dealing with the consequences for a set time period.

Annulment in New Hampshire DWI Cases

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