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When a New Hampshire car accident occurs, police and rescue workers may be called to the scene, especially if someone is injured. Police investigate car crashes for many reasons, such as determining who is at-fault and trying to detect any illegal activity related to the crash. Police officers take several steps to investigate a car crash scene thoroughly.

First, police will likely secure the scene with flares or other devices so that other motorists see it in time to avoid crashing into the already-disabled vehicles. This is often done along with determining if anyone is hurt and calling paramedics or other rescue teams if needed. While checking on everyone involved in the crash, police will often evaluate them for drug or alcohol impairment.

Once the injured people at the scene are taken care of, police typically turn their attention to recording information about the crash site. They may take measurements, make diagrams, or take photos or video. Evidence like tire marks, broken glass, or vehicle parts, and the patterns of damage on the vehicles themselves, are all recorded. Police may also talk to witnesses to get their contact information and find out what the witnesses saw or heard. All this information can help police reconstruct an accident scene to determine what went wrong and who may be at-fault.