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The Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA) promotes several state and local programs to help prevent pedestrians and bicyclists from being hit by cars, an event which occurs thousands of times in the U.S. each year and which often results in serious injuries or death. According to the GHSA, over 4,000 pedestrians and over 600 bicyclists die in car accidents each year, and over 60,000 are injured. Pedestrians and those on bicycles have little protection against the momentum and weight of a moving vehicle.

GHSA offers policies of its own to help states and local governments improve New Hampshire pedestrian safety and bicycle safety. For instance, the organization recommends clearly marking pedestrian and bicycle paths, putting in crossing signals and crosswalks at intersections, and reminding the community via the power of media campaigns that others share the road with them and need motorists to drive carefully.pedestrian safety

GHSA also supports the National Center for Safe Routes to School, which works to create safe walking and biking routes for children who live close enough to their schools to travel on foot or by bicycle. Walking and bicycling are healthy activities and easy on the environment, according to the GHSA; by improving safety, they can provide benefits for the entire community.

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