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A New Hampshire man on parole was recently arrested, charged with breaking into two businesses on Province Road in Laconia on Sunday. Police responded to a phone call reporting a burglary at one of the two locations, AKA Tools. The caller explained that the person in question fled while being confronted.parole848-300x200

Laconia police teamed with units of the New Hampshire state police, Belmont police and Gilford police to track and ultimately detain the suspect, near NH Electric Motors just after 10pm. The man, who fit the description given to police by multple witnesses, was identified as William Lee, 39, of Concord. According to officers, Lee explained that his presence inside the buildings of the businesses was authorized, but admitted to taking keys and a credit card. According to police, items from AKA Tools were found at NH Electric Motors. Someone from NH Electric Motors told authorities that a toilet had been ripped from the wall causing significant water damage.

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