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It’s summertime and people are on the go for vacation or work. Oftentimes, night driving is preferred because it’s cooler and there’s less traffic. But nighttime brings inherent dangers to driving, and this worsens with the weather, like a sudden thunderstorm.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you drive in or through New Hampshire this summer at night.driving-with-headlights-300x200

Tip No. 1: Follow the rules of the road.

This may seem obvious – and it is – but for safe night driving, it is all the more imperative to follow the rules of the road. At night, you have limited sight distance. Use your headlights. Refrain from tailgating. Do not speed.

When you do not follow these and other rules of the road, you place yourself, your passengers, and other people at higher risk of an auto accident more so at night than during the day.

For example, driving too closely at night is more dangerous than during the day for many reasons. First, the driver of the other vehicle may become nervous with you so close at night and react in a negative way. Second, your headlights can affect the driver in front of you while he or she drives. Third, if anything happens, your vision is reduced, and you have less time to react in a preventative way.

Tip No. 2: Drive more defensively.

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