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Underage DWI in New Hampshire/DUI Under 21

Our New Hampshire DWI Lawyers have spent more than 20 years defending drivers accused of drunk or impaired driving.  Many of those drivers were under the age of 21, and as such, faced enhanced and harsh penalties for underage DWI.  Underage driving while impaired applies to persons under the age of 21 at the time of the alleged offense.  In NH, drivers under 21 who are convicted of a NH DWI face a lengthy license loss, hefty fines, and a criminal record, among other penalties.  Defending drunk driving cases for young adults requires a deep understanding of the law, the pharmacokinetics of alcohol and the effects on the human body, and the special penalties that apply to younger drivers.

Drivers under 21 who are charged with a NH DWI should be prepared to vigorously defend against the charge.  In New Hampshire, prima facia evidence of impairment is .02% blood alcohol content.  As such, to prove their case prosecutors have a very low burden in an underage DWI.  If convicted, New Hampshire law imposes enhanced court sentences, along with administrative license suspensions by the Department of Safety.

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