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Motorcycle accidents are one of the most catastrophic experiences a person can undergo. Riding a motorcycle can feel incredibly liberating and freeing. Seasoned riders love the thrill and relaxation that comes with riding, but as any motorcyclist knows, the fun of riding is not without danger. A motorcycle is essentially an open air vehicle, and as such offers little protection in the even of a collision or vehicle accident. Motorcyclists take extra care to ride with their lives in mind, however, sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes, these accidents can be fatal.NH Motorcycle lawyers

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise

A recent study of the year 2015 has shown some alarming data regarding motorcycle accidents. In New Hampshire, deaths related to accidents involving motorcycles have risen 10% between 2014 and 2015, according to the data collected in the study. 2014 had a total of 4,548 accidents that resulted in death, while 2015 was estimated to have over 5,000 deadly motorcycle accidents, nationwide. New Hampshire in particular has seen a spike of motorcycle fatalities, with an increase from 17 fatalities in 2014 to 26 total fatalities in 2015. While it may seem like the death toll is relatively small compared the larger statistics nationwide, it is important to remember that New Hampshire is often seen as somewhat of a haven for motorcyclists. New Hampshire’s vivid scenery and long highways, along with special events each year dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts make it a great destination for anyone who enjoys riding. Unfortunately, with such a large spike in deaths, motorcyclists will want to be on the watch for potential threats to their safety and well being.