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New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is a saying among bikers, “There are two types of riders; those who have crashed, and those who will.” As a motorcycle accident lawyer and longtime motorcycle rider, I understand the enjoyment — and the risks — that come with motorcycling. As is the case with all other auto accidents, it only takes a single moment for a lifetime of johntennmoto-300x138consequences to follow. For more than 25 years I have represented motorcyclists and have aggressively pursued justice on their behalf to obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. The road to recovering from a motorcycle crash, both physically and financially is challenging. Let me help you get back on the open road again – John Tenn

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Many people view motorcycles as a dangerous form of transportation.  Statistics show the injuries resulting from motorcycle collisions are often far worse than those from automobile crashes.  As avid motorcyclists, we have compiled a list of suggestions to help fellow bikers stay safe.  Here are some common-sense suggestions that will help you avoid motorcycle accidents:

Think safety first: Enroll in a New Hampshire motorcycle training class and complete the training course provided by the NH DMV.  It is relatively inexpensive and provides great motorcycle riding instruction and safety tips.  In addition, it may also reduce your insurance premiums.  To be visible on the roadways, make sure you take advantage of all safety equipment available for motorcyclists, including brightly-colored clothing.  Bright colors make it easier for others to see you in low light.Motorcycle Safety

Left-turning vehicles: This is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.  Habitually, drivers are usually on the lookout for other automobile drivers, not motorcyclists.  So it is up to you to be on the look-out for unexpected left turning vehicles.  Slow down when approaching an intersection and be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.  If a collision occurs and you sustain serious injuries, it’s advisable to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney before giving any statements to insurance companies.

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Medical Costs from Lower Extremity Motorcycle Injuries

As a NH Motorcycle Attorney and avid motorcycle rider, I know first -hand the dangers inherent in riding motorcycles. I have not only witnesses, but have experienced the havoc caused by inattentive motorists who drive as if they own the road.  Fortunately, I have never sustained any real injury (knock-on-wood).  At Tenn And Tenn, PA., we have represented injured NH motorcyclists for more than 20 years and are keenly aware of the costs of medical care.  The National Highway Safety Administration commissioned a study to examine the costs associated with lower extremity injuries from motorcycle collisions.  Some of the significant findings are below.

motorcycle crashThe National Trauma Data Bank-National Sample Program (NTDB-NSP) information from 2003 through 2005 was used to identify the type of lower-extremity injuries, hospital charges, and discharge dispositions for motorcyclists who sustained lower-extremity injuries.

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