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According to local news sources, on Monday, April 21, 2014 a 60 year old Hampton, NH resident sustained serious injuries following a motorcycle crash on Route 125 in Kingston, NH.  The motorcyclist, Frank Shedd, was airlifted to Brigham & Women’s Hospital with head injuries and multiple broken bones.

Emergency personnel responded around 2:30 p.m. after the motorcyclist, who was traveling southbound struck a northbound 2001 Ford F-150, driven by Jeffrey Dalton, 20, of Groveland, Mass., near Swings & Things.

The crash was severe and a helicopter from Dartmouth Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART) was requested to transport the Shedd, to Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass.

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New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident Attorney John Tenn Reminds Bikers that Springtime Increases the Risk of Motorcycle Crashes, and Offers Preventative Tips

With the warm weather of spring finally reaching NH, more motorcyclists are expected to hit the roads . Unfortunately, with the increase in motorcycle traffic, comes an increased risk of accidents, said New Hampshire motorcycle attorney John Tenn of Tenn And Tenn, P.A.

spring time motorcycle ride“Before heading out on the roads, motorcyclists should re-evaluate their riding skills and review safety strategies,” said Tenn. “Experienced riders know that springtime means brushing up on riding skills that may have diminished over the winter months. Don’t let motorcycle fever catch you off guard.”

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In a Split Second-Everything Changes. A View From Behind The Handlebars

Ask any seasoned motorcyclist about their observations from behind the handlebars, and you will hear a somber tale of distracted motorists.  Our roadways are filled with distracted drivers who are paying attention to everything, except driving. The motorcycle lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. in Manchester, NH have handled many motorcycle collisions this year.  As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know first-hand both the joys and perils of motorcycling.motorcyclecropped

The view from behind the handlebars of a motorcycle is both exhilarating and alarming. As a veteran motorcyclist, I ride in a state of hyper-alertness.  Constantly watching other drivers, inspecting roadway conditions, and attempting to anticipate unforeseen events, is a daily chore of a motorcycle rider. And what we see from behind the handlebars is scary: Drivers on cell phones-talking-texting-and emailing; Drivers turned backwards disciplining children in the back of the car; Drivers with a sandwich in one hand and a beverage in the other, while they guide their car with their knee.  And, despite our best efforts to observe everything and react appropriately-in a split second-everything can change.

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Laconia Motorcycle Week June 9-17, 2012 – Laconia, NH

This year marks the 89th Annual Laconia Motorcycle Rally in beautiful New Hampshire. As Motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts descend on the picturesque lakes region, the Motorcycle Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. in Manchester, NH remind our fellow riders and friends to BE SAFE!  Don’t Drink and Drive (DWI) and always exercise caution on the roadways.

mcweek07streetThe Laconia Rally is one of the premier Motorcycle Rally’s in the world, with an expected 250,000 visitors. Laconia Motorcycle Week  is a truly unique experience; from the non-stop action and attractions at the Weirs Boardwalk, to the variety of motorcycle vendors along the roadway, or the always fun and exciting people watching. The annual hill climb and the Loudon Classic Motorcycle Race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway are fantastic events.  Laconia Motorcycle Week is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone who lives and breathes motorcycles.  For a listing of vendors and events in the area, the 2012 edition of Ride NH is available.