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When a police officer stops a driver on the road, the officer may ask the driver to perform several physical tests. Known as “field sobriety tests,” these activities are meant to provide clues that will tell the officer whether or not the driver may be driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (DUI). One commonly-used field sobriety test in New Hampshire is the “one leg stand” test.

During the one-leg stand test, the officer first gives all of the instructions, then has the driver perform the test. The test consists of standing on one foot for at least thirty seconds, with the other foot held parallel to the ground and about six inches high. While standing in this position, the driver then has to count thirty seconds out loud. Signs an officer may use to determine that the driver has failed the test include waving the arms for balance, hopping, and putting the foot down.

The one leg stand test is not easy to do correctly. Also, it does not distinguish between someone who has been drinking and someone who has an injury, illness, or other condition that causes balance problems.

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