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In response to a number of drug overdose-related deaths happening statewide, New Hampshire prosecutors are starting to take a tougher stance on certain drug dealers. In an effort to root out the drug problem at its source, drug dealers who deal overdose-prone drugs are being targeted in court. The charge being used to target them, however, has been a part of New Hampshire prosecutors’ ammunition for some time. The charge is known as “death resulting.” As its name implies, the charge comes into play when a person dies as a result of drug usage. This can hold drug dealers liable for the life-threatening harder drugs that result in overdoses. drug_dealer

These charges made recent headlines when Attorney General Joseph A. Foster announced he would pursue them against Kevin Manchester, who was arrested for dealing fentanyl. Fentanyl is a form of synthetic opioid analgesic that has contributed to 280 overdose deaths in 2015, and 54 confirmed deaths as of early May of this year. Attorney General Foster is quoted as saying that knowingly selling potentially deadly drugs is no different than “selling poison.” In another press release Attorney General Foster called the drug a “serial killer,” stating that all who sell the drug should be “held responsible.”

“Death Resulting”

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