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Divorce-with-3-or-more-children-300x222Going into a divorce with three or more children in tow can feel especially intimidating. As a family, you have likely fine-tuned your domestic routine to allow for the many demands of children of different ages. Your children may all have different schools, social challenges, and ways of dealing with the divorce. In some cases, your children may not all Continue reading →

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Each U.S. state has its own procedure for divorce, and New Hampshire is no exception. Some states’ divorce processes require waiting periods, counseling, separation periods, and other steps that can add months or even years before a divorce is final. Others offer a relatively streamlined process, without requiring the couple be married or separated for a certain time period.

Compared to other U.S. states, New Hampshire has one of the“easier” divorce processes, according to Bloomberg. That is, a divorce in New Hampshire has fewer built-in waiting periods to extend the process, making it possible to finalize a divorce much more quickly here than in some other states. This is especially true if the couple has no children and seeks a no-fault divorce.

For instance, in Arkansas, the parties must first live apart for at least 540 days, or about one and a half years, before the divorce can be finalized. Add the state’s 60-day residency requirement and the 30-day required period between filing and finalization, and a divorce in Arkansas can take nearly two full years from start to finish. By contrast, New Hampshire has no minimum separation, residency, or waiting period, so a divorce in this state can be finished in whatever amount of time the parties need to work out an agreement in regards to such matters as marital property.

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