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At Tenn And Tenn, P.A., we know that motorcyclists deal with legal issues that are far different from a car driver. At face value, the case of Ryan Austin Collins seemed simple. When a speeding, orange and black motorcycle evaded pursuit, Virginia police officer David Rhodes managed to log the plate number of the bike. Later, an informant led Officer Rhodes to a residential house, where he found the motorcycle in question beneath a tarp.Search-warrant-300x200-300x200-300x200

Blurring the Lines of Legality, Privacy and Citizen’s Rights

The incident that followed has merited the attention of the United States Supreme Court, to determine whether what transpired infringes on Collins’ Fourth Amendment rights.

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Many of the people who get arrested for a crime in New Hampshire every day have never been arrested before. Having never been thrown into the criminal justice system, these people do not fully know what to expect, beyond what they may have seen on TV shows or in the movies. Unfortunately, the media does not often portray the criminal justice system correctly, taking huge liberties to make things seem more dramatic than they really are.

A common source of confusion for people who have never been arrested before is how bail works, and why it exists.Bail-300x198

How Bail Works

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Heroin Addiction in New Hampshire – Heroin Epidemic in NH

There’s a disturbing trend going on in the Granite State, and has exceeded the fatality rate over traffic accident related deaths.  According to latest statistics, heroin and other addictive substances killed about 300 people last year. Out of those deaths, 97 were caused by heroin addiction or its variants and combinations. Heroin

Even in a small town like Dover, there have been seven drug-related deaths in the last six months, averaging about two overdoses a week.

Several possible factors account for the heroin epidemic, such as the recession which causes depression enough for people to turn to drugs for comfort.  The state also seems wanting in terms of state resources for prevention and treatment education, as well as imposition of tighter measures on heroin prescriptions.  According to some sources, the drug is quite easy to manufacture in clandestine laboratories.  Implementation of drug laws in the state didn’t seem adequate to curtail drug abuse.

Heroin Users & Stereotypes

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New Domestic Violence Law in New Hampshire as of January 2015 – Joshua’s Law

A new law has recently been passed in New Hampshire that will provide greater protection for those who are victims of domestic violence. This New Hampshire law also known as Joshua’s Law was named after a young victim that passed away due to an abusive father. This radical new law will allow domestic violence to be placed in a category all of its own. In the past, the state of NH charged people who commend domestic violence with assault. shutterstock_39879043

This change in the way domestic violence is categorized will allow the people who perpetrate these crimes to be better tracked. If someone in the future has one or more domestic violence charges on their record, a red flag is going to be sent out to both the police and the courts. This will keep them from falling into the cracks, and this also allows child protective services to better judge a home life situation.

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Today, the New Hampshire’s House of Representatives will vote on a Bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. House Bill 492 proposes to legalize one ounce of marijuana for people 21 and older.  decriminalizing-marijuana

Proponents of the Bill say it would unravel regulations put in place during the prohibition era, and align New Hampshire with other states which have enacted similar laws, most recently Colorado. Supporters of the Bill further believe that the new proposed law would help generate millions of dollars in revenue for New Hampshire.  Other aspects of the Bill propose regulating and taxing the marijuana at a rate of $30 per ounce, and allows individuals to grow up to six plants in a controlled environment.

Opponents of the bill say it will be difficult to regulate, flies in the face of federal regulations, will not bring in the anticipated revenue to the State, and will lead to increased criminal activity in the State. Moreover, they argue that marijuana use is simply bad for people’s health.

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Milton, NH police Wearing Cameras on Duty

As recently reported by WMUR’s Jennifer Gannon, Police officers in Milton, NH are among the first in New Hampshire to wear video recording cameras that capture everything that happens when they are out on duty.

img-Milton-Police-Wear-CamerasThe camera is a small, lipstick-sized device that can attach to the officers headband or glasses.  Chief Richard Krauss reports that the police department paid approximately $1000 each for the cameras.  Thus far, Milton police report that the cameras have been a great tool for gathering evidence.  And, as for encounters with an “agitated” person, “you tell them they are being audio and video recorded, their attitude changes very, very quickly,” said Chief Richard Krauss.

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Willful Concealment / Shoplifting in New Hampshire

Shoplifting in New Hampshire, otherwise known as willful concealment, is a misdemeanor criminal offense. NH retail stores have seen a rise in shoplifting cases over the past few years, in part due to the worsening economy.  Willful concealment involves concealing the merchandise or goods of another while on the premises of a store. Typically, the loss prevention officer will stop you and immediately demand the return of the unpaid items. The local police will also be called and you will be arrested at the scene.

Willful Concealment is a Misdemeanor offense in New Hampshire. A misdemeanor criminal record for shoplifting has many negative consequences including possibly preventing you from obtaining a good job.  The criminal defense lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have represented many individuals charged with shoplifting and willful concealment. A shoplifting conviction carries significant penalties including heavy fines, no-contact with the retail establishment and possible jail time.  Because the penalties can be harsh, it is important that you have counsel by your side.