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Lancaster, Ohio has recently put a temporary halt on field testing for drugs when examining a crime scene. This is in response to an incident reported in Connecticut last September, where 11 SWAT officers were all sickened after conducting a raid on a home. The officers threw a “flash-bang” device with the intent to stun anyone inside of the home, but instead, the explosion caused a high degree of fentanyl on a nearby table to go airborne.fentanyl1-300x168

Fentanyl is described by the CDC as a “rapid-acting opioid” that can alleviate pain without causing a loss consciousness. The drug can depress the central nervous system as well as a person’s respiratory functions. It is considered to be 80 times more potent than morphine, which is used as a medical anesthetic, and at least 100 times more potent than heroin. The drug, however, is not classified as a having a medicinal use, and is known only as a drug of abuse. When ingested, the drug severely inhibits a person’s ability to function. Fentanyl can be particularly dangerous because it can be absorbed through a variety of ways, including inhalation, oral ingestion, and even skin contact. It is classified as a Schedule I drug on both the federal and New Hampshire Drug Schedules.

Limiting Officer Interaction With Fentanyl

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Under House Bill 1379 proposed by Rep. Jeff Goley, gun records could not be disclosed under the right-to-know law.  The proposal seeks to keep private the names and addresses of people with concealed weapon permits in NH. The Bill, along with several other right-to-know bills, will be reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee at a work session on February 11, 2014.

NH Gun RecordsAt a recent public hearing, Rep. Jeff Goley, D-Manchester, said that the impetus for the Bill is to prevent a situation similar to that which occurred following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, where Westchester N.Y. Journal News published the names and addresses of people in the area who held concealed weapons permits. The newspaper apparently obtained the information through a right-to-know request.

“I do not want that to happen in New Hampshire,” Goley told the committee. “One of the biggest concerns is publishing a list now gives those who want illegal access to firearms addresses to where these firearms are, and has the possibility of putting more illegal guns out on the streets.”

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