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In order to function effectively, the law must be a paradigm of impartiality. When any aspect of the law begins to act on emotional responses, they cease to be a fair and effective tool of justice. As New Hampshire publication Union Leader puts it, “Over the past few decades, some of New Hampshire’s most horrific crimes were committed by minors.” Almost all of these minors were tried as adults. Many were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole due to the gravity of the crime they committed. But this begs the question, why should children be tried as adults? The severity of a crime does not mean their mental faculties were any more developed than a child who commits a lesser crime.juvenile-300x198

Teens & the Ability to Reason vs. Feel

These decisions, sentencing minors to life without parole, fly in the face of the fact that adolescence is a time of neurological transition, with mountains of scientific evidence to support the notion that teens are subject to substantial limitations in judgement and maturity. These limitations persist until around the age of 25, when the pre-frontal cortex is fully developed. Until this time, teens use the comparatively “emotional” amygdala–part of the brain involved in experienced emotions–to process information and assess consequences.

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The attorney general’s office is investigating the fatal shooting of an unarmed New Hampshire man by a New Hampshire state trooper. The shooting took place on the evening before Christmas eve, at the junction of Route 4 and Switch Road in the town of Canaan. Victim Jesse Champney, 26, was accompanied by his fiancée Saeti Tobin, 23, who was unharmed but shaken by the experience. The pair have both “had run-ins with the police” in the past, according to local news reports.policelinedownload-1-300x168

Enfield Man Shot By State Trooper After Crashing Into Field

State Trooper Christopher O’Toole, accompanied by fellow trooper Samuel Provenza, was following Champney’s vehicle for unknown reasons; Champney allegedly tried to evade the officer for fear he would be arrested on an outstanding warrant. After an attempted turn, Champney’s vehicle crashed but neither him nor his fiancée were injured. While Tobin remained in the vehicle, Champney fled into a nearby field while the trooper continued his pursuit. The trooper proceeded to fire four gun shots in Champney’s direction, all of which struck him and he was killed. Provenza did not discharge his firearm during the incident. Tobin, who has since spoken with reporters about the incident, insists Champney was unarmed and had no drugs in his possession, lamenting that Champney “just wanted to be with his family for the holidays.”

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