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holiday-theft-300x200It may seem that the topics of ‘crime’ and ‘Christmas’ only overlap in the film Home Alone, but statistics have shown that life does imitate art in this case. It appears that ‘silent nights’ see a spike in criminality. There is a wide variety of crimes that increase during the holidays, including identity theft, home break-ins, online shopping scams, fake charitable pleas and phishing emails. The question is, why? What compels the increase in crime or the suspicion that crimes are committed more during the holidays, and does this trend hold true in New Hampshire? At Tenn And Tenn, P.A. we know both that the conditions during this time increase temptations to commit some acts, such as theft, but we also know that conditions are ripe for police to wrongfully suspect someone of committing a crime, even when no crime was committed.

Empty Homes and Fuller Cash Registers

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