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New Hampshire’s attempt to cut down on distracted driving car accidents led to the passage of a “hands-free” law that prohibits using any hand-held device while driving. These include cellphones, GPS devices, and tablets.handheldAR-150629933-300x194

The law, codified at N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 265:79-c, went into effect in July 2015, and made New Hampshire the 15th state to have one. Violating it came with a $100 fine for a first offense. The fine increased to $250 fine for a second offense within 24 months, and then a $500 fine for a third offense.

But has the law worked? The results are inconclusive.

Police: Steep Decline in Fatal Crashes Due to Hands-Free Law

According to the police, the law is working wonders on the roads of our state. In an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio, Matt Shapiro, a major in the New Hampshire State Police, claimed that there was “clear evidence” that the law was working.

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