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The Union Leader recently reported in a story about multiple crash instances near Bedford’s F.E. Everett Turnpike. The first car collision in New Hampshire occurred when a police cruiser was struck while the car was stopped and parked in the breakdown lane. The officer who had just issued a traffic citation to another motorist was sitting in his cruiser with the lights still flashing, and was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by a 42-year-old man from Manchester.

The second crash involved a fire truck that was on its way to the first crash site. As the fire truck was crossing over into the northbound lanes of traffic from a southbound lane, it was struck in the rear by another vehicle.

The Trooper was taken to Elliot Hospital and treated for his crash related injuries. He was later released. Damage to the fire truck was not substantial enough to cause serious injury to the fire truck occupants. However, a passenger from the car that struck the fire truck was also taken to Elliot Hospital for minor injuries.

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The Union Leader recently reported in a story that Concord Steam has been fined more than $100,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The fines stem from a worker injury that occurred on January 22, 2009. The Concord-based company is reviewing the allegations made by OSHA and has declined further comment.

The worker was injured when pressurized oil ignited after leaking from a boiler. Reportedly, the boiler was in a state of disrepair, with OSHA declaring it to be a fire and explosion hazard. OSHA filed a total of 73 safety violations against Concord Steam, a clear indication that its employee’s safety was considered inconsequential as indicated by the lack of upkeep of its equipment.

Among the other potential hazards cited by OSHA was the risk of crushing injuries, falls, electrocutions, suffocation, and lack of safety exits in the event of an emergency. With such a wide array of safety violations and dangers in the work place, Concord Steam has exposed itself to premises liability lawsuits, in which employees who have suffered as a result of Concord Steam’s negligence may seek compensatory damages as retribution.

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Maine’s Senate recently defeated a proposed mandatory helmet law according to an article, thus keeping the state one of 26 that have partial helmet laws. Unlike New Hampshire, Maine’s law covers riders 17 and younger.

The controversy over the proposed Maine law brings to mind the primary arguments for stricter helmet legislation. Motorcyclists who ride without helmets are at substantial risk for head injuries, including traumatic brain injury. Un-helmeted motorcyclists can rack up millions of dollars in medical expenses, including surgery, rehabilitations, disability payments, and aftercare. Statistics point to a significant increase in safety with the use of a proper motorcycle helmet: un-helmeted riders are up to 40 percent more likely to die in a crash and three times more likely to suffer from brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury. However, advocates of lax helmet laws point out that not all riders crash and that wearing a helmet should be a personal choice.

Many motorcyclists assume that just because they are wearing a helmet, they are exempt from injury. This is not so, as a recent client’s ordeal proves. This client was struck by a driver who was rushing to beat a traffic light and suffered traumatic brain injury in New Hampshire so severe that he had to undergo speech therapy and physical therapy for more than eight months. We were able to help him get the compensation he deserves that he would have deserved whether or not he were wearing a helmet.

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On May 20, an accident involving a motorcyclist hurt by a motor vehicle occurred when the car made a left turn in front of the motorcyclist. According to a report, a motorcyclist of NH was struck by a car that made a left turn in front of the motorcycle. Though the circumstances of the crash have not been fully revealed, it appears that the driver turned in front of the motorcycle in front of an ice cream shop. Both men were conscious and able to talk after the motorcycle crash in New Hampshire and no citations were given out.

Drivers turning in front of motorcyclists present an ongoing threat to the health and safety of motorcyclists. All too often, a driver does not realize that the motorcyclist is in their path, either because they are distracted or unaware. The crash that can result usually does little to no harm to the driver of the motor vehicle, but can cause traumatic damage to the motorcyclist. In this case, the rider was not wearing a helmet. Though it looks like he made it through this time, his injuries could have been far more severe and even deadly.

Hopefully, the accident victim has sought out the services of an experienced and competent New Hampshire motorcycle accident injury attorney to help him get the compensation he needs and deserves as he deals with his injuries. Tenn And Tenn, P.A. specializes in this kind of skillful legal representation in fact, we recently obtained out-of-pocket and insurance compensation for a client who was struck by a driver who tried to “beat the light” in an intersection, causing traumatic brain injury and other injuries.

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The Concord Monitor recently ran an article about a man who suffered life altering injuries while volunteering at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The male volunteer of Wilder, Vermont was volunteering at the racetrack in July of 2006 when he was thrown from the back of a golf cart being driven by a track employee, who swerved while driving too quickly on the track. The man proceeded to fall from the back of the golf cart and hit his head on the pavement.

The injured volunteer was rushed to Concord Hospital where he underwent brain surgery to curb the effects of the head trauma that he sustained as a result of the fall. Though the surgery helped repair the damage, the man is still disabled as a result of the NH brain injury, unable to take care of himself for extended periods of time.

The man injured in this incident had been working as a volunteer during the NASCAR event in exchange for a donation that was going to be made to the charity of his choice, in this case, Fishin’ for Kids, a nonprofit organization that raises money for children’s charities.

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According to a Concord Monitor article, a Toyota Corolla was struck by an unaffiliated school bus on Route 28 in Epsom, NH. The crash occurred in the Jug City Road area. Damage to the vehicle was substantial. The driver of the Toyota Corolla was not identified, but the driver was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Details on the driver’s condition were not made immediately available.

According to the Police Department, the crash did not appear to have been caused by either driving under the influence of alcohol or reckless speeding. The bus accident in New Hampshire remains under investigation. Information on the driver of the bus was not released. The bus, smaller in size than a typical school bus (but larger than a van) did not have any children on board. It was determined that the bus belongs to a transportation company and has no known affiliation with a school.

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, sometimes for no apparent reason. The skilled New Hampshire auto accident attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A., are experience and well-versed in all aspects of traffic law, and will sift through the details of your case to determine the negligence that caused your accident. Our skilled lawyers will get you the compensation you deserve for your automobile accident. Compensation can help cover the cost of hospital fees, physical therapy costs, car repair, and even lost wages and future wages. Please call us today at 1-888-511-1010 for a free consultation, and we will make sure that your rights are upheld according to every aspect of the law.

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New Hampshire’s WMUR Channel 9 recently reported in a story that a male jogger was seriously injured when two cars traveling in opposite directions collided with each other. A white car traveling southbound crossed into oncoming traffic, striking a black pickup that was traveling northbound. The collision caused the black pickup truck to spin out of control, and right into the path of the male jogger.

Though the jogger’s injuries were deemed serious, he was breathing at the scene of the pedestrian accident in New Hampshire. Police initially requested that the victim be airlifted from the scene, to allow for quicker medical care, but poor weather conditions prevented this. Instead, the victim was taken by ambulance to Lawrence General Hospital. No further information is available regarding the jogger’s condition.

Police speculate that the jogger, whose name has not yet been made public, was struck by the rear of the bed of the truck. A spare tire that was in the truck bed fell off of the truck bed and landed on the jogger. More specific details about the accident, in particular vehicular negligence and what exactly caused the white car to veer into oncoming traffic were not discussed.

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According to a recent article in New Hampshire’s Union Leader, a Manchester man crashed his white, two-door Chevrolet car into the home of a local resident. Though the driver initially declined medical attention, he later complained of dizziness and aches and pains and was taken to the Elliot Hospital. He was released the same day. The New Hampshire automobile accident resulted in no casualties or serious injuries.

The man claimed that his vehicle was broadsided by a Chevrolet Blazer driven by a woman and resident of Manchester. The man’s claim insists that the woman ran a stop sign, consequently hitting his vehicle and causing him to crash through the white picket fence and just barely avoid crashing into the home’s dining room windows.

The female driver, who was traveling north on B Street, told police that the male driver peeled out, causing her to inadvertently hit the side of his vehicle as he attempted to intersect in front of her vehicle. The woman had just dropped her children off at daycare, and was on her way to work.

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