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Research in Motion (RIM), a company that creates applications for use on Blackberry smartphones, recently agreed to drop its app that allowed people to search for DUI checkpoints and other road hazards, according to an article in PC World magazine. RIM agreed to make the change after several U.S. senators, including Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, and Mark Udall, asked the company to drop the app, which they believe give an unfair advantage to drunk drivers.

The application, known as “PhantomALERT,” provided information on local “speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, DUI checkpoints, and dangerous intersections,” according to PC World. The app was sold online through Blackberry App World. Three similar programs for Apple’s iPhone have also been removed from Apple’s store. Two of the Apple apps were specific to Los Angeles and Orange County, California, but the third provided information on DUI checkpoints and other points along roads within a 100-mile radius of the user.

Although the apps have non-DUI-related uses, such as helping drivers avoid dangerous intersections or traffic backups, the senators who requested these apps be removed were primarily concerned that drivers might use them to evade the law. However, knowing where New Hampshire DUI checkpoints are is no guarantee that a driver will not be stopped by police, whether the drivers is drunk or sober.

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The State of New Hampshire recently purchased a $500,000 DWI Mobile Command Center which it uses at DWI road blocks throughout the State. The half-million dollar DWI Mobile Command Center was purchased to assist law enforcement in the rapid processing of individuals suspected of driving while impaired. In 2009, thousands of New Hampshire citizens will be stopped at police road blocks and questioned. Approximately 99% of the citizens who are seized and subjected to questioning by the police in these road blocks have committed no crime and have done nothing wrong to warrant being stopped.

New Hampshire police departments are receiving Federal grant money to conduct “sobriety check points” or DWI road blocks. New Hampshire law enforcement agencies argue that these DWI road blocks serve the dual purpose of detection and deterrence and, that despite the low number of arrests that are produced at these road blocks, they are an effective law enforcement tool in cracking down on impaired driving.

Unfortunately for New Hampshire citizens and visitors to our great State, the fact remains that DWI road blocks net very few impaired drivers. In 2008, DWI road blocks seized approximately 8,600 drivers and produced only 53 arrests for DWI. Comparing the low number of DWI arrests against the volumes of people stopped and detained at DWI road blocks, reveals the questionable effectiveness of the DWI road blocks.

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According to a recent article from’s “Money” section, driving under the influence is more expensive than one would ever imagine. Aside from New Hampshire DUI fines and bail costs, there are a variety of other factors that should be taken into consideration before you get behind the wheel of an automobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And keep in mind that these fees exclude damages that would need to be paid in the event that property damage or injury to another person is involved.

MSN points to different fees that can add up to exorbitant amounts in the blink of an eye.

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