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New Hampshire drivers give “implied consent” to a chemical test for alcohol in exchange for receiving a New Hampshire driver’s license. The chemical test is given if the driver is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Usually, a preliminary breath test is the first chemical test offered. If the driver refuses a breath test, they must submit to a blood or urine test or risk an administrative license suspension, leaving them unable to drive in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire law provides specific rules for testing blood or urine, as well as specific rules for ensuring accurate equipment in measuring a person’s blood alcohol level. Some of these rules include:

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Recently, a Salem man was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, according to local news outlet WMUR. Police officers pulled the man over after hearing that a similar car had been seen weaving on Route 28 shortly beforehand.

After pulling over the man’s car, police administered field sobriety tests. These tests are intended to demonstrate that someone is drunk or sober based on how well they can walk a straight line, balance on one leg, or perform other tasks. Based on the driver’s performance, police concluded he was driving while intoxicated and arrested him. The driver cooperated well with police both before and during his arrest. The man’s passenger, his granddaughter, was released into her parents’ custody.

Field sobriety tests in New Hampshire are designed to be difficult. Officers trained to give field sobriety tests are taught to look for many different “clues” in order to determine whether a person is drunk. Because the tests are complex and difficult, they are notoriously easy to fail, even sober. Failing a field sobriety test, however, can easily result in being arrested for DUI or DWI in New Hampshire. Being arrested or charged with DUI or DWI can result in life-changing consequences, even if you are innocent. This is especially true if you have a commercial drivers’ license or CDL.

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