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A bill currently working its way through the New Hampshire legislature would give each parent an equal share of custody in most divorce cases, according to a recent article posted by Seacoast Online.

The bill, known as HB 591, would require courts to begin with the presumption that child custody in NH should be shared equally between two parents. However, courts may make different arrangements if one parent does not want custody or if situations in a parent’s home, such as abuse or neglect, mean that spending equal time with that parent would not be in the child’s best interest. In most situations, however, parents would be expected to work out a fifty-fifty child-custody-sharing arrangement, or follow the arrangement set up by the court if they cannot come to an agreement themselves.

Supporters of the bill also point out that it will save divorcing couples and taxpayers time and money, since receiving equal custody will prevent many parents from feeling the need to fight for such an arrangement in court. Currently, judges have great discretion to arrange custody according to the best interests of the children, especially if the parents cannot agree on an arrangement.

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As the U.S. economy slowly recovers from recession, couples who may have put off seeking a divorce for financial reasons are now finalizing divorce proceedings, according to a recent report from ABC News.

During an economic downturn, spouses often find that financial problems keep them together when, in better circumstances, they might choose to separate. A couple considering divorce might find, for example, that their home equity has decreased or that a family business is not bringing in the revenues and profits it once did. In order to save money, couples may choose to remain together to weather out tough economic times. Such appeared to be the case in recent years, when a slumping economy and a declining divorce rate went hand in hand.

In the first months of 2011, the economy bounced back a bit. Divorce filings followed suit, increasing 25 percent or more in some areas of the country, according to ABC News. Although some couples chose to file for divorce even during the recession, those who could afford to wait did so. Some couples, however, are still stuck with mounting bills and unemployment that make living together the best option for the time being.

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New Hampshire divorce proceedings can be complex and heart-wrenching, especially when there are children involved. In addition to making custody and visitation arrangements with your children, you may wish to make plans for your children’s financial future or change plans you have already made.

First, you and your spouse should consider carefully how you will support your children after you have divorced. If you expect to be making or receiving child support parents, start tracking your family’s finances to get a clearer picture of your children’s actual costs. Remember to factor in “surprise” costs, like increased school or activity fees and medical bills. If you and your spouse have trouble coming to an acceptable child support figure on your own, consider hiring an experienced New Hampshire divorce lawyer who can help you reach an agreement.

In addition, a life insurance policy is one way to ensure you will be able to provide for your children financially if you pass away unexpectedly. Term life insurance can help cover bills, medical expenses, or college tuition, and help support your children in your absence monetarily.

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