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Silver City, New Mexico was recently the site of a grizzly series of events that resulted in the murder of one woman, Nikki Bascom, and a subsequent suicide of the perpetrator, Mark Contreras, a police captain. This shocking and sad event was the culmination of a number of prior incidents involving Contreras’s repeated and bold harassment of Bascom following the end of their relationship.Negligence-legal-definition-258x300

Bascom is survived by two children, now living with Bascom’s mother, Karri Dalton. Dalton has since begun a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Bascom’s children. Dalton claims that neglectful policing led to the eventual murder of Bascom at the hands of Contreras. The case is against Silver City’s police department, citing the departments repeated demonstrations of ignoring Contreras’s history of violence and allowed his disruptive behavior to continue, and eventually allowed him to kill Bascom.

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