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As motorcycles become more popular throughout the United States, there are more riders on the road. More motorcycles can raise the probability that you or someone you love may be involved in a motorcycle accident. As a motorcycle owner, it is important to understand what types of insurance you should have on your motorcycle and what is and is not covered.motorcycles4da5-750-562-300x225

Types of Insurance for a Motorcycle

In the State of New Hampshire, motorcycle insurance coverage is not mandated by the law. As experienced motorcycle accident lawyers and motorcyclists,  we highly encourage all motorcyclists to carry full coverage insurance on their motorcycle. If you do not maintain sufficient insurance coverage and are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, your medical bills may not be fully covered by insurance.

Full Coverage Insurance

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Every year is not the same when it comes to motorcycle accidents. As more riders are on the road, the number of motorcycle fatalities rises. This increase, however, is tempered by developments in motorcycle and car safety. Noting how these numbers are trending, though, can be helpful to understanding how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle in New Hampshire or elsewhere in the U.S.Motorcycle-Accidentsnt-300x196

Recent Rise in Motorcycle Fatalities

Unfortunately, the most recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have shown that motorcycle fatalities are rising precipitously, and in line with the recent increase in road deaths of all kinds.

According to the NHTSA, 2015 saw an 8% increase in the number of motorcyclists who died on the roads of America, compared to 2014. This increase was not just because more bikers were on the road, though: the fatality rates per registered vehicle and per mile driven rose as well.

This meant that motorcycles had 6 times the fatality rate of a car per registered vehicle. Worse, the fatality rate of motorcyclists was 29 times higher than that of people in cars per mile driven.

The Role of Speed

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Despite what some people say about motorcycles, different models from different makers handle differently. While there usually is not very much separating one bike from another, there are several outliers that even experienced bikers admit are radically different. Often, these models were the first to incorporate some brand new technology or mechanical development, but the design was less than perfect and led to more motorcycle accidents than expected.motorcycle-accident-lawyer-300x199

Here are some of the riskiest motorcycle models that you can find on the road today.

The 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

The Hayabusa was built to be a racing bike, and the 1999 GSX1300R model came before legal regulations prohibited motorcycle companies from making bikes that could go too fast. The result was a motorcycle that could go 195 miles per hour right off the dealer’s lot.

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Motorcycle Accidents in NH on the Rise

Summer weather in New Hampshire brings motorcycle rides out in full force. With an abundance of spectacular scenery, NH offers motorcycle enthusiasts great destination rides.  Start a day in the White Mountains, travel through the Lakes Region and end your day at the Seacoast.  NH offers motorcyclists some wonderful adventures. Despite the joy and freedom associated with motorcycling,  there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities in New Hampshire lately.  During the month of July alone there have been a handful of serious and or fatal accidents involving motorcycles. Such collisions have occurred throughout the state including Manchester, Nashua, Concord and other communities. share roadhutterstock_190724723

Nashua, NH for instance, was voted  Best City to Live in America which is quite a feat for any U.S. city.  It certainly deserves the title given its ideal bedroom community setting amidst dozens of shopping outlets, representing almost any American store chain, along with its vast array of  multicultural dining spots.

But Nashua, like any other American city, is also home to serious motorcycle collisions and auto accidents. And these collisions can be life changing for an injured accident victim, especially motorcycle rides and their passengers.

Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries

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Well it’s that time of year in New Hampshire where motorcycle enthusiasts take to the roads. New Hampshire is one of the most motorcycle friendly states around. With events like Laconia’s Motorcycle Week occurring every year, it could hardly be anything else. But what are New Hampshire’s laws concerning motorcycles? What do you need to know to travel safely? Well, here is a quick overview of the legal ins and outs of riding your bike in New Hampshire, split into sections for on-road riding and off-road riding:motorcycleshutterstock_22235944


  • New Hampshire does accept motorcycle endorsements from other states, so there are no hoops to jump through to ride. However, the state does not accept RiderEd completion cards from other states, so keep that in mind. Rider education is available for any qualified applicant, but it can be waived with a skills test.
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Laconia Bike Week in New Hampshire has long been considered the oldest motorcycle rally in the world, with over 90 years of history to show for it. For decades, motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers have used Laconia Bike Week as a ride in rally to make new friends, while enjoying the various events and forms of entertainment, including live music, bike shows, tours, and contests. This year is no exception to the greatness; from June 14 to June 22, 2014 Bike Week in Laconia will celebrate 91 years as the country’s leading motorcycle rally. Laconia Bike Week

Tips on How to Avoid DWI’s and Motorcycles Crashes at Bike Week

Here are some tips on how to avoid DWI arrests and motorcycle crashes at Laconia Week:

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Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Bill Dies in Nevada Senate

 A proposal to make Nevada the first state in the nation to legalize motorcycle lane splitting was recently denied in the state Senate.

lanespilittingThe proposed Bill would have allowed motorcycles to drive in-between cars under certain road conditions.  So long as traffic was stopped and the motorcycle did not go faster than 10 mph, the Bill would have legalized lane splitting. Proponents said the legislation would make it safer for motorcyclists to ride in heavy traffic. A few key points in support of the bill:

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Riding Motorcycles in Flip – Flops!  It’s No Day at the Beach!

As a veteran motorcycle rider, my pre-ride rituals are pretty well set, so much so that they have become habits.  I do four simple steps: a quick check of tire pressure and oil levels, a test that brake and clutch cables are tight and working, a flash of the driving lights and brake lights, and a double check that the key to the gas tank is in my pocket.  My pre-ride ritual also includes a check of my riding gear and attire, which is equally well established.  Most days, it includes grabbing a helmet, and wearing protective clothing such as long pants and a leather jacket.   But it’s also about what not to wear – flip -flops.  After years of riding, you learn what works, and what’s safe.  Flip-flops don’t make the cut.

As the warm weather begins to blanket New England, flip-flops seem to be the footwear of choice for comfort and ease.  Only a rare few will be at one of New Hampshire’s beaches and lakes without them.  But motorcycle riders should resist the temptation to ride in flip-flops.

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New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident Attorney John Tenn Reminds Bikers that Springtime Increases the Risk of Motorcycle Crashes, and Offers Preventative Tips

With the warm weather of spring finally reaching NH, more motorcyclists are expected to hit the roads . Unfortunately, with the increase in motorcycle traffic, comes an increased risk of accidents, said New Hampshire motorcycle attorney John Tenn of Tenn And Tenn, P.A.

spring time motorcycle ride“Before heading out on the roads, motorcyclists should re-evaluate their riding skills and review safety strategies,” said Tenn. “Experienced riders know that springtime means brushing up on riding skills that may have diminished over the winter months. Don’t let motorcycle fever catch you off guard.”

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Another motorcycle riding season has arrived.  Every day, thousands of motorcyclists will hit the open road for summer fun, packed with motorcycle rallies, bike races, bike nights, group rides and scenic tours. The Motorcycle Accident  Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. remind you to spend a few minutes to review your motorcycle insurance policy. Having ample motorcycle insurance coverage will help protect you and your passenger if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.Insurance Policy

As motorcycle insurance is not required in New Hampshire, many riders opt to go without coverage. Our Iron Horse Lawyers don’t recommend this course of action.  Basic motorcycle insurance coverage is affordable and offers some protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, property damage and medical payments coverage are basic coverage options that every motorcyclist should have.

Minimum insurance coverage is better than no insurance coverage. But, minimum coverage will not be sufficient to protect your financial wellbeing in the long run. The NH minimum bodily injury limits are $25,000. Our NH personal Injury Attorneys recommend that you carry at least $100,000/$300,000. To protect yourself against Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists, you should maintain a minimum of $100,000 coverage per person, and $300,000 per occurrence. Medical insurance is available to cover the costs of your doctors and hospital bills. Consider carrying at least $10,000 of medical payments coverage.