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A man from Pittsfield, New Hampshire was killed  recently when his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle.  Police told WMUR, that the 54-year-old man was riding behind a vehicle on Suncook Valley Highway.  When the lead vehicle turned right an SUV pulled on the Highway from the side road and the motorcycle hit it.  Authorities said an off-duty firefighter attempted to perform CPR, but he died at the scene. caution

Although Labor Day has come and gone, there will still be hundreds of motorcycles on the roads as we move into fall.  There are some things to keep in mind both as a motorcyclist as well as a vehicle driver.

Bikers, remember to wear protective equipment.  This includes a helmet, eye protection, ear protection, jackets, gloves, riding pants, and boots.  In the event of a crash, these safety  items may not only help to protect your skin from significant road rash, they could save your life.

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Riding Motorcycles In The Rain.

When I first started riding motorcycles, I was a fair-weather rider.  At the first sign of a rain, I would pull over, wait for the rain to subside, and then head home.  And, if a ride was scheduled with friends, it would be cancelled at the first sight of darkening clouds.

ridinginraininNHToday, my opportunities to ride have decreased as my work and family commitments have increased.  As a result, I am less likely to cancel a ride due to rainy weather.  In fact, I find that being prepared for rain makes riding in the rain a whole lot less stressful and, at times, even enjoyable.  Now, a veteran rain rider (if you have ever attended Bike week in NH you know what I’m talking about), I pass along a few tips that I have discovered.  To be sure, I am no expert on the subject of riding a motorcycle in the rain.  The pros have much more to say on the subject.  I pass along my own observations as a veteran NH motorcycle rider who has spent much time riding in the rain and as a motorcycle accident attorney that has represented many clients involved in accidents.  Ride safely!

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Motorcycle Accidents & Road Rash Injuries

New Hampshire Motorcycle Attorneys

A motorcycle accident can result in serious and debilitating injuries. Even when traveling at relatively low speeds, motorcyclists face the potential for catastrophic injuries.  Road rash is one of the most commonly sustained injuries from a motorcycle crash. Depending on the severity of the injury, road rash can result in a lengthy period of rehabilitation along with permanent and disfiguring scarring.