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While riding a motorcycle may be one of the most invigorating feelings, it is imperative that motorcyclists practice the utmost safety while driving, as there are a myriad of safety hazards that can surprise even the most experienced motorcyclist.Motorcycle-500x334-300x200

Hazardous Roadway Characteristics

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a statement concerning roadway characteristics which pose a hazard to motorcyclists. The following are listed in the MSF and NHTSA statement:

  • Excessively high pavement ridges;
  • Potholes;
  • Slick materials used to repair cracks and other road surface blemishes;
  • Fluid spills;
  • Roadway debris;
  • Metal roadway surfaces;
  • Roadside barriers; and
  • Work-zone signage practices.

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