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With its quaint rustic atmosphere and large stretches of raw lands, New Hampshire has a moderate number of car crashes each year as compared to many other states.  Yet, like many other states, New Hampshire has its own share of car crashes, particularly during the Halloween season.  Our NH injury lawyers have reviewed the safety statistics and have outlined below some of the most common reasons why road accidents are at their height during Halloween, even in a quiet state like New Hampshire. Halloween_Safety

Trick or Treaters. During the Halloween season in New Hampshire, you can expect many trick or treaters on the road.  Most are young children who may not be aware of road signs and approaching vehicles as they scoot around the neighborhoods seeking candy and other treats. And since trick or treating usually occurs after sundown, children are often outside in the dark and may not easily be seen by motorists until they run out in front of vehicles.  Costumes may also be partly to blame as they can be too bulky or impair a child’s vision (especially masks and headgear).  Some costume accessories, such as very tall and heavy hats or oversized footwear, can cause children to lose balance or trip on the road.

Excessive drinking and partying.  Halloween isn’t just for children.  Adults also hold many house and office parties during this time.  And at adult parties, expect a lot of eating and drinking.  Irresponsible adults will insist on driving even after drinking.  Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause a serious if not fatal automobile accidents.  Vision and driving acuity can be impaired by the driver’s costume, especially if the costume blocks vision or limits movement while he is behind the wheel.

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You or a loved one has been involved in serious car crash.  Or perhaps you were struck while riding your motorcycle.  Maybe you have fallen at a business.  You’re not at fault, and you’re seriously hurt.  You’re receiving medical treatment and are slowly recovering from your injuries.  It’s time to think about whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. justice1

Hiring a seasoned lawyer who practices personal injury law means you will have an advocate on your side fighting for your rights and striving to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.   A skilled injury lawyers has a deep understanding of tort law and the know-how to navigate the complexities of NH’s legal system.

But it’s not just the law that they have mastered.  An experienced personal injury attorney will also know how medical billing works, he will be familiar with icd-9 codes, medical payment coverage provisions, and insurance company file evaluation techniques like colossus, among other matters.

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Common Pitfalls in a New Hampshire Personal Injury Case

In New Hampshire, the Supreme Court has held that victims of personal injuries are entitled to full, fair and adequate compensation for those injuries.  When trying to obtain compensation from an insurance company for injuries caused by another, it is important to proceed cautiously.  Insurance company adjusters are trained to look at the details and facts of a case to determine all arguments in their favor before making any payment to the injured victim.

The following are some of the most common mistakes that can jeopardize your New Hampshire injury claim: