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New Hampshire divorce proceedings can be complex and heart-wrenching, especially when there are children involved. In addition to making custody and visitation arrangements with your children, you may wish to make plans for your children’s financial future or change plans you have already made.

First, you and your spouse should consider carefully how you will support your children after you have divorced. If you expect to be making or receiving child support parents, start tracking your family’s finances to get a clearer picture of your children’s actual costs. Remember to factor in “surprise” costs, like increased school or activity fees and medical bills. If you and your spouse have trouble coming to an acceptable child support figure on your own, consider hiring an experienced New Hampshire divorce lawyer who can help you reach an agreement.

In addition, a life insurance policy is one way to ensure you will be able to provide for your children financially if you pass away unexpectedly. Term life insurance can help cover bills, medical expenses, or college tuition, and help support your children in your absence monetarily.

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