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It may be startling to know that Halloween is statistically the deadliest day for pedestrians being hit by cars. Nearly three times as many pedestrian deaths occur on this holiday as compared to any other day of the year. Of those deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 19 percent of the pedestrian deaths involve alcohol. Halloween is on a Friday this year, which could increase the chances of a pedestrian accident. Because trick or treaters can’t always rely on motor vehicle drivers to abide by the rules of the road or take their safety into consideration, it is up to pedestrians to keep themselves safe while out trick or treating. Kids Halloween

Follow the Rules of The Road

When going out trick or treating, the safest way to avoid becoming an accident victim is to follow the rules of the road yourself. This means using crosswalks and sidewalks, while paying attention to stop lights and traffic. Also, travel in groups minimizes the chance of being hit as a vehicle driver is simply more apt to see a group rather than an individual. Children under 12 should always have an adult present, even with a group.

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