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Imagine trusting a newborn infant in the hands of paramedics, only to have the child suffer third degree burns during transport. This is the chilling tale of one Idaho family, who has opened a lawsuit against the city of Rexburg over the incident. The Porter family was home one evening, when something unexpected happened. Jenise Porter delivered the unexpected birth of her child, Londyn Porter. Paramedics were called in to rush Londyn to the hospital. What the Porter family expected was a safe trip for their newborn daughter. What happened caused them to take legal action against the city.warninggraphicd-300x168

The Porter Family’s Case

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 Thousands of snowplow accidents occur every year especially in states with heavy snowfall during the winter season! In the state of New Hampshire alone at least several hundred accidents take place during the snowy part of year. The most common accidents that occur involve snowplows. How do you know if you can obtain any compensation for injuries caused after being struck by a snow plow in NH? Snow Plowing Accident

You must determine fault for the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate the accident and help determine if the snowplow or operator is the cause of the collision. If the accident has been caused by the other driver, you are potentially eligible to receive compensation. This can cover medical expenses, lost wages, damages, pain and suffering, and numerous other damages that you need because of your injury. There are many reasons a person may be held responsible for a NH car accident and we have highlighted some of the most often causes below:

 Exhausted Driver