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A surprising face appeared in Iowa court as a witness earlier this month in the case of Cheryl Bronson. Bronson was the victim of a drunk driving accident and has suffered a number of injuries. Bronson also happens to be the aunt of Olympic gymnast and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ champion Shawn Johnson, who appeared in court as a witness for the plaintiff, her aunt. caraccident

Bronson was once a golfer, and an Iowa Women’s pool champion in 2008, and due to her injuries is no longer able to participate in either of those activities. The incident caused her to suffer multiple fractures to her leg and although she has healed, she has had significant changes in her life. Bronson must now walk with a limp, has trouble walking, and has even had to move to a single story home. In addition to this, Bronson has 3 more surgeries planned for her injured leg in the future.

Bronson’s Case

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