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Divorce is already a very emotionally taxing experience, the pain of which is only exacerbated when things don’t proceed amicably. Some people are saddened at the prospect of ending their marriage, some are relieved and grateful to put a perceived mistake behind them. Regardless of your perspective on the dissolution of your marriage, it is a universal truth that amicable divorces are easier and preferable. The last thing one needs to deal with during this potentially rough transitory period is a series of ugly divorce proceedings, accusations, asset-hiding, or general vitriol and backstabbing. Luckily, there are certain measures you can take to provide for an amicable divorce that moves smoothly and swiftly. Peaceful divorce is not a myth. It is well within reach if you are intentional in your pursuit of it and diligent about avoiding the pitfalls that could make things take a turn for the nasty. Continue reading →