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Divorce, criminal conduct and ethics intersect in a recent New Hampshire court case. Onetta Bobbet of Rye, NH has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Portsmouth and two Portsmouth detectives. At the heart of the law suit are allegations that the two detectives improperly shared information on Bobbet’s phone with her ex-husband, with whom she was in the middle of a contentious divorce. She alleges that her ex-husband had close ties with the officers in question. After filing a credit card dispute with police, Bobbet herself was arrested on charges that were later dropped. In the course of the criminal investigation, which coincided with divorce proceedings, Bobbet’s phone was seized by police. Bobbet alleges that the policemen friendly with her ex-husband “funneled” sensitive information on her phone to him, to be used against her in the divorce. divorce-title-image1_tcm7-213340-300x154 Continue reading →